Top 25 Benefits of Moringa Seeds for Health

Moringa might be a name which isn’t very familiar to you, so let’s call it by its other name- drumsticks. Drumstick trees or Moringa trees are common in Africa and Asia, and are part of south Indian delicacies. Moringa seeds are the seeds obtained from inside the pods of the moringa tree. These small grayish-white seeds have some of the best benefits for your health, skin and hair. We’ve compiled a list of how Moringa seeds can have a positive impact on your health, and how can they be used.

25. Stopping Cancer Cells

cancer cells

Moringa seeds help in stopping the growth of cancer cells. They have anti-carcinogenic effects, which help in stopping the development of cancer through accelerating the death count of the cancer cells. Colon cancer can effectively be restrained through consumption of moringa seed powder for 2-3 weeks.

24. Inflammation Control


Moringa seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce inflammation or soreness in any part of the body. They can also help in restraining bone diseases like arthritis due to its benefits of increasing strength in your physical joints.

23. Balancing Cholesterol Levels


Moringa seeds are very beneficial for reducing the cholesterol levels of the body. Consumption of Moringa seeds regularly helps to balance the cholesterol level of your body, which is elevated due to consumption of excess junk food.

22. Absorbing Impurities

absorbing impurities

An unknown benefit of Moringa seeds is that they can help in absorbing impurities. It acts as a natural detoxifier, since if you mix Moringa seeds with impure water, it absorbs all the impurities. Thet can help in attracting toxins from the blood, which will help in removing the toxic build up in your body.

21. Aromatherapy


Moringa seeds are very popular in cosmetics and can be used for making aromatherapy oils. These oils have many benefits for your health and can be used during massages or baths for added relaxation and detoxification. Moringa seeds are also used in manufacturing perfumes.

20. Strengthening The Immune System


Moringa seeds are very beneficial to your immunity system since they are rich in Vitamin A. They also help in improving your eye strength, since it repairs the mucus membrane which helps with your vision. The old advice of  ‘carrots are good for your eyes’ is no longer needed. It has been proven that Moringa contains four times more vitamin A than carrots, making it a very good alternative as a source of Vitamin A. It helps to regulate the defence mechanism of your body.

19. Increases Metabolism


Moringa seeds are very beneficial for increasing your body’s metabolism level. Moringa seeds help in stimulating the metabolism in your body and also helps in stimulating the cell structure. Your metabolism helps your burn off the extra calories you consume and keeps your body fit.

18. Curing Bruises


Moringa seeds have antiseptic properties, which help in healing cuts, bruises or burns. You can cure these by making a paste of moringa seeds and applying them on the bruise. Moringa seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in curing these bruises or cuts or burns quickly.

17. Hair Growth

hair growth

Moringa seeds are rich in Vitamin A, which is a necessary supplement for healthy hair. The seeds help in promoting hair growth and also improve the maintenance of your hair. They deliver oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system to your hair follicles, which helps in hair growth. It also helps in reduction of hair loss.

16. Preventing Clogging of Sebaceous Glands

sebaceous glands

Consumption of Moringa seeds helps in increasing the zinc content in your body. Zinc helps in enhancing your immunity and also prevents your sebaceous glands from drying or clogging up. These glands help in producing sebum for your body, and clogging of these glands leads to many problems like pimples or boils.

15. Anti-Ageing Properties

anti ageing

It has been found that Moringa has anti-ageing properties. Moringa seeds can cleanse the skin cells, ridding them of free radicals which cause skin wrinkles. The seeds help in preventing these wrinkles which make your look more aged and help in restoring your skin to its youthful nature.

14. Skin Purifying

skin purifying

Moringa seed extract has many skin purifying properties. It has the ability to remove impurities, and thus can detoxify and rejuvenate your skin, by removing the impurities which are rooted deep in your skin. You can use the seeds for making a face mask in the form of a paste.

13. Nourishment of Hair

hair nourishment

Moringa seeds can help your hair through its anti-oxidant properties. It is very rich in Vitamin C, which improves blood circulation in your scalp. It helps in nourishing your hair and making it stronger, through stimulation of hair follicles and better absorption of nutrients.

12. Improving Teeth and Bones

teeth and bones

Moringa seeds are rich in calcium, which is an integral part of our teeth and bones. Intake of moringa seeds helps in improving the strength of the teeth and bones, and help in restraining the effect of old age on teeth and bones.

11. Improving Protein Intake

protein intake

Moringa seeds are very rich in protein, which is very important for the body for proper functioning. It is one of the essential nutrients for your body. Protein intake can be improved by consuming the seeds in a powdered form.

10. Anti-Diabetic Effects


Moringa seeds are very popular due to their anti-diabetic properties. Studies showed that fasting blood sugar levels are reduced through regular intake of moringa seed powder. The rise in blood sugar can be reduced to almost 21 percent by adding moringa seeds to your diet. The zinc in moringa seeds helps in secretion of insulin which keeps the sugar levels in your bloodstream normal.

9. Cardiac Benefits

cardiac benefits

Moringa seeds have many cardiac benefits, i.e they can help safeguard your heart tissues. Moringa seeds reduce the oxidized lipids in your body, thus effectively preventing your heart tissues from any damage.

8. Preventing Effects of Arsenic Toxicity

B79TFM Vintage arsenic poison bottle on antique shelf

A recent study showed that common staple foods like rice may be contaminated by arsenic toxicity, which is a form of poison which arises from naturally occurring arsenic in groundwater. Moringa seeds help in protecting against some effects of arsenic toxicity.

7. Curing Chronic Headaches


Moringa seeds are rich in amino acids and help the brain in producing the ‘serotonin’ hormone which makes you feel good. This helps in curing headaches and also help you fight depression, insomnia, and mood swings.

6. Improving Digestive Health

digestive health

Moringa seeds are very beneficial for improving your digestive health due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Oil made from moringa seeds can help improve the liver functioning of your body and detoxify it.

5. Curing Anemia


Moringa seeds have been proven to improve the absorption of iron, which helps in increasing the red blood cell count. This helps the body maintain normal blood parameters, thus helping in the treatment of anemia.

4. Preventing Seizures


Seizures caused due to epilepsy can be reduced through the intake of Moringa seeds. Moringa seeds consumption can help the brain in converting it into anti-neurotransmitter Glutamic acid, which is helpful in preventing seizures.

3. Asthma Treatment


Moringa seeds help in the treatment of asthma. Studies have shown that the seeds contain anti-asthma properties. Consume the seeds in a powdered form for 3 weeks to cure allergies and asthma. It is to be noted that its benefits are destroyed due to high heat and thus if you are consuming it, make a cold-brew tea using moringa seeds.

2. Curing Kidney Diseases


Moringa seeds have proven to help in the treatment of kidneys. The moringa seeds can help in curing kidney diseases like kidney stone, through the shedding of the stone. The seeds cure digestive tract illness and help remove the kidney stones which are in the bladder.

1. Aids In Weight Loss

weight loss

Consumption of moringa seeds can aid in your weight loss. As we’ve seen, these seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing the water retention in your body. Also, the high fiber content of moringa seeds aids in reducing absorption of fat. Its anti-diabetic properties helps in secretion of insulin, which prevents excess fat accumulation.


Moringa seeds are very rich in nutrients which are good for your health. They also are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, iron, and zinc. So instead of consuming different types of food items which contain these individually, just opt for moringa seeds to get the benefits of all in one!

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