Top 30 Different Types of Ear Piercings

You want to experiment with your body, go get your hair coloured go get your ear(s) pierced! You might just get that look you’ve been looking for! A piercing could make you look almost anything- flirty, cute, hot, classy, funky, elegant, or beautiful. And once you get pierced, there’s no going back. The only place where you’ll keep going back to is the piercing parlour. I won’t lie to you, it does hurt but soon enough you’ll see that the pain is totally worth it. And if you take care, it should heal in the blink of an eye. You must, however, refrain from wearing artificial jewelry for the first few months after getting pierced.

So below is a list of thirty different types of piercings that you can get this season:-

30. Scared? You’d want to start with the single ear lobe!


And sometimes one is all that matter! You just need a different piece of jewelry for different occasions.

29. Keep it cool and pretty with the double lobe.


Unlike the simple, single earlobe piercing, the double lobe will give you an exotic look. Wear a delicate studded earring on the upper one and heavy danglers or hoops on the lower piercing to get the perfect look. You could even wear a simple gold ring on the lower one.

28. Add a tinge of flirt with the single middle helix.


The helix is basically your cartilage piercing. You could try a fake loop on your cartilage before  coming to a final decision. A super thin gold ring or even an oxidized silver ring gives you a flirty look that people will notice almost immediately.

27. Go blunt with the closely placed double helix.


Perhaps adds to your no nonsense persona. Get the double helix, walk with an attitude and allow your ears to speak for you!

26. Get the aphrodisiac multiple helix!


Albeit the picture speak for itself, this look might just do the magic! If you know what I mean. Go for it even if it just for the thrill of it.

25. The classy touch with the outer conch piercing.


See that plain gold ring tightly held in its place on the cartilage. That called the out conch

24. The next level look with the outer double conch!

double outer conch

Fall for yourself with this look! This will help you keep that narcissistic touch alive! Only then can we have others falling for you.

23. The inner conch because you like to shine in between too!


Today there is uniqueness in simplicity as well, and the conch shows us exactly that!

22. Get the triple inner conch piercing for the extra cuteness!

triple inner conch

Isn’t that adorable! But just to be on the safer side, I’d first pick up all the stud of the same size! Besides big ones would create chaos.

21. Go subtle with the single forward helix!


It’s adorable! A perfect pick for someone who doesn’t like too much of anything! I think I am falling in love with the mere sight of it!

20. Add a little spice with the double forward helix.

double forward helix

A forward helix mostly makes you adorable. But with rings on your double forward helix piercing you could add a spicy touch!

19. The triple forward helix because third time’s a charm!


Quite charming indeed! And you’re no ordinary person. You’d like to have some fun, don’t you?  Go for the triple forward helix piercing!

18. The single snug because there’s no fun being mundane.

snug normal

The anit-helix is your pinna, or simply the protruding cartilage. You my friend are rare, and unique and so should be your piercing. Be rare with a snug or the anti-helix piercing!

17. Just get two snugs already!

two snugs

One is never enough! And this is more fun!

16. Tragus piercing exists because some like it hot!


And there’s the hottie look you’ve been craving! And because you’d like to keep it slightly low, this one is absolutely perfect.

15. The double tragus for some more!

double tragus

Can’t stop the craving, then get the double tragus! Get dark shades of studs or rings for the extra heat.

14. And anti-tragus because some like the fire within!


This one is undoubtedly beautiful. And it somewhat bold too! However you have to be gutsy to get this one!

13. The tragus and the forward helix need each other!


They do look great together, don’t they? It is a terrific choice!

12. And the anti-tragus and anti-helix go togther!


This is another thrilling combination! And you’ve got the five studs look with only three piercings! Yes, it’s almost magical.

11. The rook piercing for the mysterious look!


The somewhat hidden piercing on the top is your rook! There’s always room for this one.

10. The industrial piercing for the laborious artist look!


And there’s an artist in each of us! We are all creating something each second! And in doing so we are creating our own stories.

9. The daith because only you’re worth it!


The heart-shaped loop looks brilliant in the daith piercing! But so could anything else. Like this image you could use something soft on the inside and something bold on the outside! Yes because you’re both good and bad!

8. The club goddess ear piercing combination!


This is a fusion of  the double outer helix, rook and triple lobe piercing! Together they mingle to give a sexy yet beautiful clubbing look! Dance through your life with this beautiful look.

7. The I don’t care if you think I am a freak look.


An industrial, a daith and an outer conch piercing is all you need for this type! You absolutely love that you can do whatever you like with your body and you like freaking out people.

6. The orbital piercing for piercings lover!

orbital piercing

You have probably tried many things and you’re willing to try something else. Frankly I think it’s cute in a strange way. Also a different earring design will give you a totally different look.

5. The graduated lobe for the wise.


Starts from the lobe and ends where the lobe ends. Fit as many piercings you like on your lobe at equal distances to get the wise look.

4. The transverse lobe for the few!


This particular piercing doesn’t go well with everyone. Lucky are the few who look good with these!

3. The multiple outer helix along with an outer conch.

ear piercings

And when you walk through the door, all eyes will be on you. A perfect piercing combo. Leave your doubts behind for this one.

2. Go Gothic with this one!

gothic industrial

The horizontal industrial piercing is all you need to get the Gothic look. Albeit you could get many piercings but getting this done is like killing all birds with a single stone!

1. The beautiful mess type!


You needn’t have the same piercings on both ears. Albeit there are many ways in which you get pierced, the most amazing one is in the picture above. Get an industrial piercing along with an inner conch on any one of your ears and get a double outer conch on the other ear. Also don’t forget the triple lobe on both ears. This is probably the most gorgeous kind of piercing you can get!

So which piercing are you going to get?


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