Top 30 Super Fun and Easy Party Games for Teenagers

Parties are a time for merriment, amusement, diversion and relaxation after fulfilling the monotonous duties of our mundane lives. Parties invite our gusto, zeal and thrill to come to life, which remain suppressed most of the times as we grovel under our boss’ demands at work or cower under teacher’s instructions at college. So party is the time to let loose. Games add the much needed spice to the parties and make you want to stay longer. So we’ve got it covered for you. Here’s a list of 30 super fun and easy party games for teenagers:

30. Alibi

Alibi is one of the popular detective games, played by kids and teenagers.

HOW TO PLAY: Alibi is a group detective game in which one person becomes the police officer and leaves the room, as the remaining people in the room choose one of among them to be the suspect. When the police officer returns to the room, the people in the group go around in a circle presenting an alibi for where they were when the crime was committed like murder,etc. They repeat the process in the second round offering the same alibi, except the suspect, who changes the alibi a little. The police officer thus gets 2 chances to find the suspect. If he guesses correctly, he wins. If not, a new police officer and suspect are selected.

So put your Sherlock Holmes cap on and guess the suspect carefully.

29. Taboo

Taboo is another fun, guessing card game played between 2 teams.

HOW TO PLAY: Divide a group of players into 2 teams- A and B, and sit around the cards. Team A shall decide who will be the ‘giver’ from Team B. The giver will select a card and describe the word on the card to his teammates. However, on the back of the card will be 5 taboo words which the giver can not use or say while describing the word to his teammate.

Eg: If the giver has to describe the word ‘baseball’, the taboo words might be ‘sport, game, pastime, hitter, pitcher or baseball’.

The giver cannot say any of these words. Moreover, he should describe the word only by using his speech- no gestures, no drawings or sounds allowed. If the giver says a taboo word, a buzzer will be hit and the word will be replaced. The teammates of the giver can guess as many times as wanted and if they guess correctly, the giver will move to the next word. When time runs out, it will be the next teams turn. The aim is to get more correct words in the assigned time.

28. Musical chairs

Musical chairs is an entertaining game played among a group of players with the help of chairs and some music.

HOW TO PLAY: A row of chairs is lined one after the other. The chairs are placed such that the players can move around it and sit on it conveniently. The chairs are placed consecutively, facing opposite each other, with a little space in between them. Care should be taken that the number of chairs should be one less than the number of players. The game begins as the music starts. The players go around the row of chairs. Once the music stops, the players swiftly get seated on the chair. due to the lesser number of chairs, one player gets eliminated in each round. Thus, in the end two players fight to be seated on the only remaining chair.

27. Tail the cat

A variant of a blindfold game, this is played among a group of players.

HOW TO PLAY: The cat is drawn on a board and the purpose as  the game reads is to ‘tail the cat’. A point is marked on the cat’s belly. A tail should be drawn originating from the point or very close to it. The player to draw the cat is blindfolded and spinned thrice, after which he has to tail the cat.

26. Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba is an enjoyable game played by a group of players, while Queen of Sheba is a non-participant. This game is a variant of the popular game – ‘Simon says’.

HOW TO PLAY: One of the adult instructs as Queen of Sheba, asking the players to fetch what she wishes. The player or the team who fetches the items first wins.

Eg: Queen of Sheba wants to see an article on Emma Stone in this weeks newspaper.

25. Blind man buff

A variant of seeking games,Blind man buff comes with a twist. It is played by a group of players.


HOW TO PLAY: The chosen player has to catch hold of the rest of the players  around him within a limited space. The twist is that the player catching the others is blindfolded as he catches them. The player caught will be blindfolded next.

24. Tug of war

Tug of war is an amusing group game, putting your strength to test.

HOW TO PLAY: Tug of war can be played between 2 players or a group of players, divided in 2 equal teams. In this game, the opposing player or the team will pull the majority of the rope to its own side. A straight line is drawn on the ground. Any team that crosses the line loses point. All the players should lean backwards with their feet planted and pull the rope back from the other team so as to gain a point.

23. Limbo

Another interesting game, Limbo tests your flexibility and balance.

HOW TO PLAY: Played among a group of people, Limbo is a totally amusing game. A limbo stick is held between 2 people, about 4 feet from the ground. the other players get into a line and must go under the stick one by one, by walking forward and bending backward under the stick. If one player touches the stick, they are out. Once everyone has had their turns, the stick is lowered by 6 inches. This game is continued in this way by lowering, until only one player can make it under the stick.

22. Atlas

Memory games are fun games, sure to test how smart all the party-goers are. Atlas is one such memory game.

HOW TO PLAY: Atlas can be played between 2 or more players. One player starts with naming any place on the atlas/globe with the letter’A’. The next player must name a place that starts with the last letter of the place the first player has named and it passes on.

Eg: If player 1 names Australia, player 2 will use the last letter of ‘Australia’, i.e. ‘A’ for naming another place. If player 2 names America, the next players names Auckland. and so the game goes on at a fast pace, giving the players only a few seconds to name the place. The player who takes a lot of time or repeats the name of the place mentioned earlier, is out of the game.

21. Hit the Piñata

Hit the Piñata is an entertaining game commonly played at parties that can surely put your senses and aiming skills to test.

HOW TO PLAY:  Hang the Piñata in a particular place. The players have to stand in a single line 3 meters away. You begin by blindfolding the first child in the line, spinning him around thrice gently and giving him a stick to hit the Piñata. Each player is given to hit the Piñata twice. However, care should be taken that everyone is standing at least 5 meters away from the blindfolded player with the stick. If te player successfully hits the Piñata, he can enjoy gifts and candies.

20. Shave the Balloon

Yes, you heard it right! Shave the Balloon is a popular balloon game commonly played at fairs and parties.

HOW TO PLAY: the purpose of Shave the Balloon is to shave the given balloon without bursting it. the balloon is covered with shaving cream and the purpose it to shave it carefully without letting it burst.

Nah! Totally not as easy as you think.

19. Jenga

Jenga is a game of stacking blocks to build a tower and skillfully slipping the blocks out refraining from letting it collapse. It is played between 2 or more players.

HOW TO PLAY: One of the player has to create a tower with 54 wooden jenga blocks. The tower should be 18 stories tall. Once the tower is created, the players have to alternatively remove a block from the tower – anywhere below the highest completed story and begin to add to a new story on top of the tower. the last player to successfully add a piece to the tower before it is knocked over, is the winner.

18. Rapid Fire

This is a singing game like Antakshari and can be played between 2 or more players.

HOW TO PLAY: Team A starts to sing a song and as they finish it, Team B has to select any word rapidly from the last line of Team A’s song and sing another song.

So make it fast, make it rapid and enjoy the party.

17. Bingo

Bingo is an amusing board game played among a group of people.

HOW TO PLAY: Distribute the Bingo cards to each of the players. The caller should call out a number. The players will place pennies, rocks or simply fold that number out from the out. Once a predetermined pattern of vertical, horizontal or diagonal is made on the card, the player calls out BINGO! and gets the card checked and ultimately wins.

16. Minute-to-win

Minute-to-win provide the much needed rush of excitement among the players.

HOW TO PLAY: Minute-to-win can be played between 2 players or more. The players receive various challenges which he must complete in a minute.

Eg: Throw the ball 35 times through the hoop, pick up a wet brick with 2 fingers, rapid fire question and answers,etc.

These games contribute to an increased Adrenaline rush and are extremely enjoyable.

15. Monopoly

Monopoly is a common board game played in every household.

HOW TO PLAY: Monopoly  can be played between 2 or more players. It is played by distributing equal money, followed by buying houses and hotels on the board, to get the best and rewarding deals. Follow the board game rules. One by one the players go bankrupt, the player with all the money wins.

14. Cluedo

Cluedo is another board game played by 3 or more players.

HOW TO PLAY: Cluedo is a detective game, where the players try to figure out the 3 main facts of the murder: the murderer, the location of the murder and murder weapon. The players do this by having the players run around and gather evidence. Follow the board game rules, eliminate the possibilities and try to deduce the real murderer. Once the player is sure of the answer, he can give the accusations. If right, he wins or else he loses.

13. Pictionary

Pictionary is a board game played among a group of players in teams.

HOW TO PLAY: A player from each team draws a word on the card that he pulls from the draw pile. His teammates need to guess the word only by drawing and no other hints must be given. The layers must therefore be creative to draw the right things at the right moments to master the game.

There are also extra activities, on the space your team lands, your next topi is assigned.

12. Passing the parcel

Another entertaining game that can bring out a lot of secrets and hidden talents of the players.

HOW TO PLAY: A cushion is passed around a group of players sitting in a circle as the music is played. A non-participant pauses the music at any moment and whoever is holding the cushion has to fulfill the demands of the other players like sing, dance, mimic or confess.

11. Dark Room

A variation of Hide&Seek, Dark Room is played among a group of players.

HOW TO PLAY: A player is chosen to seek the rest of the players while they hide in a room with the lights out. No source of electricity or light is used to find the hidden players. This game is sure to heighten fear and excitement among the players.

10. UNO

UNO is a popular card game, commonly played in households, at parties, reunions and gatherings.

HOW TO PLAY: UNO can be played by 2 or more players. Each player receives seven cards and the rest are kept in the middle as ‘draw pile’. The objective is to get  rid of all the cards before anyone else does. You have lots of fun cards that you can use to make others pick up cards and vice-versa like wild card, draw 2, draw 4, reverse and skip. When you have 1 card left, you must yell UNO!. If you don’t call ‘UNO’ and get caught by another player, you have to draw 2 cards from the draw pile. Once the player has no cards left, the game is over and he wins.

9. Dumb Charades

An exciting guessing game, Dumb Charades is sure to keep the amusement levels high at parties.

HOW TO PLAY: Dumb Charades is played between 2 teams- Team A and B. Team A must think of a Hollywood/Bollywood movie and disclose it to a member of Team B in private. This layer has to enact the name of the movie in a way that their members (Team B) can guess it easily and quickly and then vice-versa. The person enacting the movie can use a ‘thumbs-up’ symbol to convey that it’s a Hollywood movie and ‘thumbs-down’ to signify a Bollywood movie. The player can also show number of fingers to convey the number of words in the movie.

Eg: If the movie is- the devil wears Prada, the players acting it out must show a thumbs-up followed by 4 fingers to convey that it’s a Hollywood movie of 4 words.

Each team has 60 seconds to guess the movie. So put your movie knowledge to use and win the game.

8. Fish Pond

Fish pond is a dramatic game sure to bring out many confessions and spill some beans.

HOW TO PLAY: Fish Pond is played by a group of players in which everyone writes an anonymous note to one another. All notes are collected in a bowl and then read out one by one. Thus, many confessions and complaints are out and make the game full of wonder and amusement.

7. Beer pong

Beer pong is another game testing your aiming skills.

HOW TO PLAY: It can be played among a group of players divided in teams. At a table, 10 glasses are kept on both the ends. Player 1 from Team A stands at one end and Player 2 from Team B stands on the other end. The player has to bounce a ping pong ball such that it falls into the glass on the opposite end of the table. that particular glass then gets eliminated. the players must play till all 10 glasses get eliminated.

6. Kill/Kiss/Marry

Another spin the bottle game hat can spill the beans.

HOW TO PLAY: Kill/Kiss/Marry is played among a group of players. spin the bottle. When the bottle points at a particular player, he will be given names of 3 people by the other members of the group, among whom the player will have to decide who he wants to kill, kiss or marry. Thus, it is a dramatic and a fun game.

5. Passing the orange

Passing the orange is a game in which orange is passed from one player to another.

HOW TO PLAY: The players stand in a single row, one beside the other. The first person picks up the orange and passes it to the last one using his head and neck only. Hands are not to be used for passing. The last player collects the orange and deposits it on the table. It can also be played between two teams to see which one passes faster.

4. Truth, Dare or Stare

A game that again can reveal many hidden secrets and is sure to get the heartbeat racing in the parties.

HOW TO PLAY: A group of players sit in a circle and spin the bottle in the middle. When the bottle stops, the player at the end of the tip of the bottle has to either reveal a truth, complete a dare or stare at another member, while the player at the other end of the the bottom of the bottle assigns the task.

So get honest, get daring and strengthen your senses as you play this fun game.

3. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is an interesting hunting game played with a series of clues.

HOW TO PLAY: Treasure Hunt can be played by a group of players. The main aim of the game is to find the prize hidden in the room with the help of a series of tricky clues provided that will lead the player to the prize/treasure. Divide the players into 2 teams- A and B, and see who is a better hunter.

2. 20 questions

A game played by a group of players, it reveals how knowledgeable the players are.

HOW TO PLAY: A volunteer or selected person in a group has to think of a person or object, but not disclose it. The rest of the group has to ask 20 yes/no questions to the selected player and guess the person or the object.

Eg: If the volunteer thinks of Obama

Questions: Is he a male? Yes.

Is he an Indian? No.

Is he an actor? No.

Is he famous? Yes.

Thus, train your brain to think of the person or object within a span of 20 questions and boost your knowledge.

1. Never have I ever

Another fun teenage game that can reveal numerous secrets.

HOW TO PLAY: Never have I ever is played by a group of players. The person who starts first poses a question like: ‘Never have I ever’ flirted with an older man/woman. The one who has never done it, will not to anything. but the one who has done it will have to take a sip of the drink presented to each of the players. This game is sure to bring out many hidden and naughty secrets of the players.

Thus, parties will never be boring or monotonous anymore, as we have got you covered with these 30 fun and super easy games that will surely get the fun, enjoyment and excitement levels racing.


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