Top 6 Different Types of Nose Piercings

Do you know Elaine Davidson from Brazil/UK has the most number of piercings in the world? By 8th June, 2006 she had been pierced 4,225 times. Now that’s scary…isn’t it? Well, there’s absolutely no way I’d ask you to emulate her but with the current neon and bring trend, there’s also this huge frenzy for piercings throughout the world. Nose piercings are the most common form of piercing after the conventional ear piercings. Don’t be shocked when I tell you that a nose piercing need not always be of the same kind. In fact, there are almost half a dozen types of nose piercing you can opt for. Nosey much… ain’t it? A nose full of holes is certainly not a fun idea, but a couple of them for experimenting are sure no bad option. Especially when you know that nose piercing are comparatively less painful and less likely to get infected than most other piercing you can get done on your body. So here are the different types of nose piercings you might want to get done, and maybe some not too much.

6. Go Conventional: Get a Nostril piercing


Alright all you people, I know quite a few of you who are craving for some change without taking the risk of looking downright weird with those piercings. You want to play it safe? It’s advisable you get a conventional nostril piercing done. It’s done on either the left or right nostril. It is also known as ‘Ala’ nose piercing or low nose piercing. You know what’s best about this kind of those piercing? It will suit almost every pace style and complexion and you’ve got a wide variety of nose piercing accessories to choose from. From a stud to a cuff or nose ring, you can choose almost any nose piercing accessory without looking funny, or too experimental, or like you’re a hippy. In fact, this kind of nose piercing is a part of the culture for girls in some south east Asian countries including India.

5. Escalate the Experiments: Go high with high nostril piercings


High nostril piercing are done just where the bone on your nostril ends. Doesn’t matter if you get it done on either right or left nostril, you’d still look great. It is a low risk piercing while you’re still experimenting and defying the conventions. You’re not following the herd and you’ll not look completely out of place too. This piercing too, like the lose nostril piercing is hardly painful since it is done on a part of flesh with no bones or cartilages involved. You can adorn this piercing with a nostril screw, a L shaped nose pin or a regular nose stud.

4. Stop being confused: Go Mid way, get the Septum Piercing done


You’ve seen it a lot many time on rebels in high school or chic flicks but septum piercing need not always have to stereotype you as a rebel. Also called nose ring piercing, it is pretty common in those who like to experiment and those who want to go different but not too much. Septum piercings can be slightly painful and a real frustration when you catch a cold. Also, since septum piercing are mostly adorned with horseshoe nose ring or captive bead ring, you might hurt yourself real bad if you’re not careful while wiping your face. That handled, you can go ahead with it since it is a pretty common style of nose piercings.

3. Too much of going horizontal, go vertical with Vertical nose tip piercing


Alright, we ain’t no builders from Dubai to compete a horizontal vs vertical war, we are not leading to a Burj khalifa on your nose only a plane nose piercing along the length of the tip of your nose. It is septum piercing turned to right angles. Also known as rhino piercing (pardon me for the name, I didn’t coin it), it goes up through the tip of your nose. Get over the name, now, please? Rhino piercing won’t give you a horn over your nose, how much ever you wish. You don’t? Silly you, the horn can earn you millions; why else would they be hunting rhinoceros’s every other day. It can get real bothersome if you are fond of applying face makeup since the straight barbell you’d be wearing will interfere with all our makeup techniques, but nonetheless an option that you might want to consider. Make sure that you get it done by someone you can trust your life with or you’d scream in pain for it’s the most painful form of piercing since it goes through your cartilage.

2. It’s time to bridge the gaps, Get the bridge piercing done.



You hate why your nose bone’s so fat and keeps the nostrils apart? Bridge the gap with the Bridge piercing. Please don’t take my words literally, pretty please, because if you decide to sue me in court for them- there are no million dollars I am losing to you. It is a piercing and not a rhinoplasty, though you wish it was since it comes as a low cost and much less pain. Though the piercing does not go through bone or cartilage and only skin but the skin up on the bridge of your nose can get pretty sore with the piercing and you’d have a tough time getting used to it. Try and avoid the piercing if you are a regular wearer of eye glasses since the bridge of your spectacle with interfere with the piercing and cause a lot more trouble than you anticipate. Also, the pain might go in vain since it’s almost a surface piercing and the skin might either heal the piercing or your curved barbell or horseshoe ring might come out right through the skin scarring the tissue’s beneath. So either visit a specialist or visit a specialist. There is no other option you have.

1. Go All in one, Get three piercing with the Nasallang Piercing


Cannot decide if you want the left nostril pierced, or the right one, or maybe your septum? Get the nasallang piercing done and you’ll be sorted all at once, with three piercings atleast. It is a straight piercing going through your right nostril through your septum into your left nostril. So it’s a wholesale of nose piercing for you. For heaven be sure that you have only an experienced professional perform the piercing for you, you do not want your septum damaged or the holes on either nostrils going further away from the straight line. It is a tough piercing to obtain, and often very uncomfortable too, specially if the piercing gets sore. Mostly, a long straight barbell or an industrial bar bell is used for this piercing. So maybe you can compete for the most number of nose piercings if not body piercings. Don’t keep our hopes high though, you’d win only among people you know have fewer piercings than you.

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