Top 7 Amazing Unheard Vicks Vapor Rub Uses

There are many things in our houses which we (read: mothers) use for things that are totally different from what they are originally supposed to be used for. Mothers are always excellent that way to get the best out of everything. So when we talk about multi-functional things from our households, Vicks Vapor Rub is a surprising yet a staple name. Vicks Vapor Rub, better known as Vicks, is a mentholated ointment that is used for suppressing cough. As children, we have all had our experiences with this ointment when we got cold, cough or fever. Our mothers would rub it on our chests and the smell of menthol always made us feel better and not to forget, drowsy as well. The magical ointment of Vicks helps instantly for headaches, chest stuffiness, cold etc. It unblocks our nose by eliciting response from receptors in the nose and chest. So it is not a wondrous thing that Vicks is the most used over-the-counter decongestant. The formula for Vicks was developed in 1894 so Vicks has been used effectively for more than a 100 years. But did you know that there are many other great and helpful ways in which Vicks can be used? Here are some of the surprising, yet amazing uses of Vicks Vapor Rub –

7. For Aching Muscles

Top 7 Amazing Vicks Vapor Rub Uses 7

Now, we know that there are some hundreds of creams and ointments in the market that are especially made for muscle aches. If this is the case, why would anyone use Vicks over them? Well, this is for those times when you run of the creams and have a sudden tiring day with your legs sore and aching to no end. Vicks to the rescue! Vicks relieves sore and over-worked muscles of the body. All you have to do is take a generous amount of Vicks and apply it on the area where the muscles are hurting and massage the area for a few minutes. The massaging and the ointment both work in tandem to increase the circulation of blood and this helps almost instantly. It is better if this is done right before you go to sleep so that your over-worked muscles get some rest. The next day, you’ll be up and about in the normal way!

6. For Nail Fungus

Top 7 Amazing Vicks Vapor Rub Uses  6

Our toenails are one of the most difficult parts of the body to maintain and to take care of. We walk everyday in sun, rains, storms and snow and you never know what your feet are going through and suddenly, enter nail fungus. Nail fungus is an infection and it is pretty common in adults. The nails turn yellow-green and can become brittle and break easily. When such a thing occurs, Vicks can come in handy. If you have a nail fungus or you suspect that you will have it, just apply Vicks on the nail and it will works its magic. The nail will soon turn blue-black, and this is a sign of Vicks killing off the bacteria and it will grow out. It is advisable to keep using Vicks for a period of 2 weeks to make sure that the nail is completely free of fungus.

5. For Stopping Your Cat From Scratching

Top 7 Amazing Vicks Vapor Rub Uses  5

Anyone who has a pet kitten has faced the problem of their cats scratching almost every surface that they can get their hand, oops, paws and claws on. And it seemed like there was no way to stop the kittens from scratching things but we have a solution. Cats detest the smell of menthol and thus, that of Vicks Vapor Rub. So anything that smells even slightly of Vicks will have the cat staying away from it. So if you apply Vicks on tables, windows, doors, walls etc, just rub some amount of Vicks over them and your cat will stay away from it. But make sure that you don’t apply too much of Vicks or else the cat will get prone to the smell and then Vicks would be a lost cause for the scratching.

4. For Headaches

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Many people use Vicks for cold and cough but not everyone knows that Vicks is a great way to battle your headaches as well. Headaches are caused when a lot of pressure is built encompassed in your head. The painkillers usually do the work of curing our headaches but in case you find yourself with no painkillers on a bad day, just use Vicks instead. If you rub some amount of Vicks on your temples and forehead, it helps in relieving the pain. The mentholated scent helps to release pressure. It also seeps in through the skin to help reduce the pain instantly. Getting a good sleep after this is a good idea as it relaxed the stressed brain muscles.

3. For Humidifying Your Sleep

Top 7 Amazing Vicks Vapor Rub Uses  3

Most of us sleep in air-conditioned rooms and while the cool is comfortable, many a times, it can be problematic for our normal breathing patters. A lot of people thus use humidifiers for an easy and peaceful sleep. But fret not; you can use Vicks in a humidifier or in a vaporizer as well. The humidifier must have an aromatherapy compartment in it. While going to sleep, just put some Vicks into the compartment and the humidifier will circulate that in the air throughout the night. This ensures a long and problem-free sleep.

2. For Getting Racehorses Reek Free

Top 7 Amazing Vicks Vapor Rub Uses  2

Now, this is not a use that most of us can really connect to but it is an amazingly helpful and a surprising use of our multi-faceted ointment- Vicks. Horses get distracted very fast, that is a known fact. If you have a racehorse, this can be a very dangerous thing as your racehorse may get distracted in the middle of the race. To avoid such a situation, the jockeys and professional racers rub some amount of Vicks right under the nostrils of the horses, right before a race, so that the horse can only smell Vicks. This allows the horses to focus on the race and not get distracted by the odour ponies and other horses.

1. For Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

Top 7 Amazing Vicks Vapor Rub Uses 1

Mosquitoes are the true menace that annoys all the people, across the globe. There is no place which is 100% free of mosquitoes. Their buzz is annoying and the scratching after they bite you, even more so. So when you find yourself in a place full of mosquitoes, without a proper mosquito repellent, you can use Vicks to repel them. Just apply small dabs of Vicks to your skin and clothes and the smell of the menthol in it will repel the mosquitoes. Even if a mosquito bites you, you can apply Vicks over the bite and then cover it with band-aid to avoid itching and scratching.

Now that we know the many uses of this little blue-bottled, multi-faceted ointment, we can make the full use of it. But, as a precautionary measure, you must make sure that you or the person you are advising to use Vicks is not allergic to it or sensitive towards it or it may cause some problems.


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