Top 8 Reasons why Islamic Countries Are Popularized as Unsafe

So, answer me in all honesty – How many of you are scared to visit the Islamic Countries of the east just because they have been popularized as being unsafe? Does not a very rough mindset speak of the Islamic Countries being Terrorist Practise Grounds with vast stretches of dry barren lands, more like sandy deserts and terrorist activities happening every now and then? Do you not relate any terrorist activity happening anywhere in the world to Islamic terrorists? So yeah, that is the image that the western world has of Islamic Countries. Post 9/11, the Muslims have often been under the suspect spectacle in the United States and well the rest of the World mostly does what the United States advocates. Here are more substantial reasons why the Islamic Countries are largely deemed as being unsafe.

unsafe islamic countries

8. 9/11 – U.S.A spreads Muslim Scare

A major reason why Islam as a religion too came across as dangerous has to be 9/11. Muslims were ever since then seen under suspicion for carrying out unethical and terrorist activities. Al-Qaeda lead a whole lot of the World Population to believe that every terrorist has to be a Muslim. Even if that mindset had to exist, it wouldn’t have been much a trouble had not people started believing that every Muslim is a terrorist too. What then perpetrated was the fear of Islamic countries coming across as largely dangerous for survival. A question which remains unanswered is whether or not the people consider the fact that terrorist activities happening anywhere in the world is unsafe. To say that it makes primarily the Islamic Countries Unsafe is like saying that the World War 2 effected the United States more than it effected Japan.

7. What Media Popularizes: The films

So have you ever came across a film where the master mind to any terrorist activity belongs to a religion other than Islam? All the major planning and plotting has to be shown in shady by lanes of a third world Islamic nation. These lanes would be major spots of all unethical activities with a mosque at some corner echoing the religions chants at times of Namaz. A staunch Islamist clad in white and a skull cap will then be noticed as the super boss of the activities. Now when you come to think of it, do you think terrorist activities at such large scales can be carried out with such naiveties? But then it is the human brain and we believe what the media forces us to.

6. Islamic Prophecy: Taqiyya ( Never Feeling the Guilt of Lying)

What makes a country come across as unsafe to people of other nationalities is more about the residents of the country than the geographic location of it. Do you know that Iraq, geographically is where the Bible claims the Garden of Eden to be? Get my point? Islam as a religion comes across as dangerous dye to the concept of Taqiyya which comes out of the Quran 3:28. It prophesizes that followers of Islam are permitted to lie as long as it is to protect their faith or religion. Seriously? What faith is it if it permits to pull faith off humanity. I won’t disagree with the prophecy as such, but the interpretation is largely problematic. Can followers of a faith protect the faith? That is like Christians saying they saved Jesus. Honesty has to be followed, it is a rule in the faith of humanity. And if not, well then where to lie is permitted has to be unsafe.

5. Commodifying Women: Where the law goes wrong.

A nation’s growth depends largely on its women and well if a nation is not safe for it’s own women, who will it come across as being safe for? Most Islamic Countries follow stringent laws for women as laid down in the Quran and as interpreted by the saviours of the religion over time. Certain points laid down by the Quran in reference to Islamic women include:

Men can have as many wives as they please.

Men are superior to women.

Women are half the worth of men.

The feminine sexuality is sinful and needs to be suppressed.

It is perfectly fine to sell your wife

How then if a country follows such oppression of women will it come across as safe for the World. To top it, Taliban won’t let women read. And where the women are not safe, who is? They say that the future of a country depends on its youth, but does not the youth depend on the women to give them birth?

4. Ultimate submission to the religion

Islam has often come across as the most submissive religion for the teachings of the Quran preach to submit. While most religions preach man to have a will and mind of his own, Islam advocates that Allah demands men to submit to his will or the man will be tortured and tormented in his after life. Most non moderate muslims would believe blindly what the Quran preaches or rather what the religious heads interpret the teachings to be. When such submissive men live together to form a nation, why then should it come across as unsafe? Because where men don’t have a mind of their own, the devil comes to play. Submission in its rawest form is slavery, and a country who’s law advocates slavery has to be seen as largely unsafe for the rest of the world for where there is no will, there has to be no way.

3. No Tolerance for non- adherents: Dhimmitude

Practically speaking? Do you speak of a secular world when one of the most followed religion has no tolerance for other religions? Islamists have often come across for having low tolerance for people of other faiths and religions. They are infact quite popular for abolishing dignity of the non adherents of Islam. Jews or Christians are classifies as Dhimmis and are required to pay the Jiziya tax for not being murdered by the Muslims if it is a government that endorses Islam. If not Jew or Christian, the people can be enslaved, robbed, raped or lynched with no laws to protect them. Atheists can be killed and if muslims too become apostates, they are to be killed. They might not adhere to the rules entirely, but then that’s what the other worlds know of them. So why not call them unsafe than plead for your life.

2. The records for themselves: The most violent religion

Look at the statistical facts, as much as it is right to deny associating every crime with muslims, Islam is more violent than any other religion in the world. Specially with the rising of terrorist organizations like the ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda most countries where Islam is the prime religion have to be deemed as unsafe. All crimes, including stoning people to death and flogging them have most instances happening in the Islamic religion than any other. Islam, over time has become almost synonymous with bloodshed, terrorism and non tolerance leading to violence. Most riots is the world too have had Islam as one of the sides.

1. Internal Unrest: External Fear

A huge reason of the perpetrating fear for Islamic countries has to be the internal unrest prevailing in most of these countries. From leaders being assassinated to riots within communities of Shia and Sunnis have most often lead to outsiders believing it is best to remain uninvolved in the internal politics than bearing the brunt. Be it Gaza, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or most Islamic nations except the UAE there has to be either political unrest or internal crime and riots leading to the countries being on high alert almost forever. With many terrorist bombings happening in within the nation, the country is bound to be popularized as Unsafe.

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  • Everything you said above is wrong.Who says lying is allowed.Where Quraan says women cannot be allowed to work or stay side by side with men.Who says ISIS+Al-Qaeda+Taliban are muslims ….Don’t talk about something you don’t know………We are here just for peace…Lying is not allowed even if life is at stake and by Quraan..”A man who kills one innocent person kills the whole of humanity”.

    • But you don’t disagree then, that women are worth half of men, and that men are superior to women.

      • No you are wrong
        I am a Muslim and I will tell you what that mean
        Woman isn’t half of man but some situations she takes half
        1 legacy she take half than the male because male has a lot of things he must pay for unlike woman
        Like in marriage woman didn’t have to pay anything unlike men who may cost him more than 10 thousand
        Woman didn’t have to pay for her house or even for her children’s its the job of father
        And you must know if the woman has children and her husband is dead then she will take more than the man in legacy so where is racist here

      • innocent = -has not killed someone for no reason

        -has not bullied anyone using weapons

    • I hope you someday make jesus your lord snd savior. GOD the father created the world. Jesus gave his life so GOD would would make peace with mankind. But you would’nt know that.

      • Dear Cynthia,
        i too do hope that:
        someday you will take responsibility
        for your knowledge and not just
        naively rely on what some or many
        people say or write about Jesus
        (pbuh) without even confirming it
        with evidence coming from History.History is here for a reason.
        Because if you cannot back it up with
        reliable sources then anyone can
        just make up lies & people will just
        believe anything.
        God gave us all a brain so let’s use it
        in the right way in search of the truth
        & to make this world a better place
        and not to create more hatred
        among ourselves with comments
        based on ignorance and a lack of
        If you had done your
        homework about Jesus (peace be
        upon him) you would know that he
        belongs to the long line of Prophets
        chosen and sent by God the Almighty
        to guide mankind as many others.
        When you look
        back into History (which are facts
        and not just lies or pure human
        inventions) you learn that since the
        creation of the Universe there were thousands of
        Prophets sent by GOD and that their
        mission was the same: to guide and
        save people by following their
        teachings in worshipping God for a
        better future.
        They all worshipped the One and
        only God;if you had done your
        homework you would know that the
        main prophets we know most about ie
        (peace be upon them all) all believed
        and worshipped the same God.Also
        if you knew your Bible well and had
        taken the time to study the life of
        Jesus (pbuh) you would know that
        he was circumcised,he didn’t drink
        alcohol,he ate kosher food which is similar to Halal meat, ,he fasted
        for 40 days (which means a
        complete abstinence from food and
        drink),he did pray God with his head on the floor, that his mother Mary
        (May God be pleased with her) used
        to cover her hair.Also Jesus
        (pbuh)never ever said in the Bible
        that he was God or the son of God ,
        he never called people to worship him either;,it is actually the opposite
        but yet the majority of Christians for
        some reasons worship him instead
        of God.
        Now, i think it is very
        easy for a Christian who does not
        follow the teachings of Jesus (pbuh)
        to say that he /she loves Jesus when
        he/she does not live his/her life the
        way Jesus (pbuh) used to live his;
        but the evidences are here (and i am
        not saying this to offend anyone but
        to make a simple point): most
        Christians (except for Adventis
        Christians as far as i know (even
        though some of their women cover
        their hair the way muslims do &
        others do not) drink alcohol, eat pork, do not cover their
        hair,do not fast the way Jesus (pbuh) did, are not circumcised as a
        But the majority of Muslims follow the teachings of Jesus (pbuh) & this is a fact.So i can securely say that most Muslims
        love Jesus (pbuh) more than most Christians as muslims live their
        lives according to his teachings but most christians do not.So instead of making comments based on ignorance or else lets all become students of knowledge and not of ignorance and look into the evidence to bring us all closer as God creates us all equal and as “1 big family”which makes mankind.Regards.

    • What is the point of lying about something which God promised to protect himself.
      God does not need any muslim humans or jinns to protect the book. He said he shall do it personally. So take that as a statement right out of the book.

  • kavya.vidyarthi you seems to me nothing more than a professional liar and all you want is attention and cheap popularity by spreading hatred and lies about Islam. Not a single word you wrote is either true about Quran or Islam. And proof about your lying streak is that the ayat you mentioned 3:28 has totally different meaning. The actual translation of that ayat is :Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah , except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination.
    and in this ayat i dont see any words refers to lie.
    May Allah show you the right path .

    • You mean the Allah that wanted to be praised like Jesus but was’ nt…so he had started the book as a christian but because the Christians and Jews would not praise him he wrote into his book to kill all nonbelievers. Christians and Jews…pretty much the most of our population. By the way.. There are no virgins in hell…!!!!

  • Actually for muslims , men cannot marry as many wives as they want .the maximum is only 4 and men cannot marry more than 1 wife if they cannot support his family … If the man wants to marry more than 1 wife ,he will have to ask his first wife permission first . If the man has 4 wives he will have to treat his wives equally … so don’t make up a story if you didn’t even check the Al-Quran.

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  • “Islam is more violent than any other religion in the world”
    Religions are not violent. People are violent. There are about 2 billion muslims around the globe and ISIS and Alqaeda is a few 100 people doing things in the name of religion.

    • Islam has only one face and it is ‘peace’. If u have seen few bad muslims doesnt mean that whole islam is bad.

  • Miss kavya knows nothing…. or else she is just a bullshit..
    Islam is the religion of peace and prosperity…
    Everywhere in the world only Muslims are being killed ….

  • What nonscence…neither islam nor Quran permit lie and terriorism. kavya vidyarthi this proves your hatered towards islam. Where does Quran says about selling wives???
    Kavya you are nothing but a bloody liar

  • what happened to christian? are they good? no they aren’t. people around the world who eat human flesh i mean cannibalism are mostly christian and jew. even sometimes cannibalism seen in hindu’s.

  • Actually, Islam DOES tell its followers to lie to nonbelievers. Stoning transgender people in Germany is NOT being here just for peace. Of course it says “a man who kills one innocent person kills the whole of humanity,” but Islam looks upon all nonbelievers as NOT innocent; therefore, under this religion, apparently it’s okay to kill others. It condones Islamic men having sex with nonbelieving women because nonbelieving women don’t count towards adultery or sex outside of marriage. Islam believes that if a woman is raped, it is her own fault AND that she should be stoned for having tempted the man so that now he won’t get to have a bunch of virgins in the afterlife. Any religion that condones more than 1 spouse views those spouses as subhuman. Nonbelievers are allowed under Islam to be enslaved, too, and it’s okay to rape slaves and still get to live with Alah and the virgins. I read all of this in a U.K. news publication because the news in the U.S. are so skewed. Syrian refugees welcomed into Germany recently have been raping, stoning, robbing, and beating German citizens left and right. This is the ungratefulness they show. They’re used to women being so covered up, they think that a normally dressed woman is being provocative. They should have to pass a civility test and lie detector to enter other countries. Now, Christianity is not without its book of condoned slaughters, but modern Christians are civilized enough not to act on them. I’m neither religion because their books are way too violent. I’ve never heard one good thing about the Middle East. Even in the 1970s as a small child I remember the US hated Iran. The psycho hatred from the Middle East just keeps going on and on and on. I would never spend my tourist money there. It’s not just the media lying or exaggerating; where there’s smoke, there’s fire. You don’t hear about any of this craziness going on anywhere else in the world; just in the Middle East. Maybe the Islamic people who believe in peace can get rid of the ones who are killing in the name of Alah. If I were Islamic, I would want to improve the Islamic image by stoning those killing in the name of. Maybe their governments can control them instead of just sitting there like moronic dolts.

  • Kavya,

    do you work for Fox News or the US media because this is the same bullsh!t that they have been spewing out for years. Islam is no more a threat to world peace than Buddhism, Christianity Hinduism or Judaism is.
    If someone shoots you in the head with a gum its not the fault of the firearm but the fool pulling the trigger. The “official” 2015 figure is that the US has killed 4 million Muslims, I believe that number is grossly under estimated and that the true number is around 12 million (this includes all the deaths brought on by US meddling including illegal regime changes, arming and training rouge states/terrorists, sanctions against counties opposed to oppressive US foreign policies. I am British have lived in an Islamic community for 20 years I have never felt threatened by my Muslim neighbours although have had incidents with other minorities. The most hateful people I have come across are those who are most ignorant, those whose views are made not by experience but fabricated news….If you really want to have the right to address Islam & Muslim countries perhaps you should go there first instead of making yourself come across as a naive girl.
    Yes there are areas in its society that have needs for improvement but you do not demonise people for a difference of culture no, you work with them to see that change is good for everyone especially when incidents cause suffering. How can the west say with certainty that they are right that their doctrine is the correct one.
    Too much is being done to divide us and little to unite diversity is what makes life interesting it gives us a richness in art and culture without life becomes much more mundane.

    I do not believe the hype that Muslims are bad people or that Islam is a bad religion I do believe that ignorance is the most infectious calamity to befall humanity it is this that causes hatred and allows wars to spawn from it. Both sides are responsible but it is evident that most or the wrong doing is coming from the west which will destroy the US if it continues as it is already has the makings of a social civil war on the horizon, that as well as making enemies with both Russia & China….
    Europe is distancing itself away slowly but surely after the Ukrainian forced regime change fiasco helped along nicely by Victoria Nuland’s “Fuc£ the Eu” statement.

    No the greatest threat to life is not Muslims or Islam, but American foreign policy plain and simple.

  • Look islam is a filthy, disgusting gutter cult and their book and the after texts all say that not only do they have the right to murder non muslims it is their duty to do so. Lying won’t help muslims we are all aware of what they have done and what they will do and if anyone doubts this just look at any country into which they have slithered and you will see that all human rights dissapear and that the living standards of the citizens decreases exponentially.

  • Ok u son of pathetic bitch…If u dont know anything bout muslims y u r posting ur ugly ass bullshit….Actually real terrorists are from west …they r attacking muslim countries…when muslims fuck their faces off….They fuckin hawl and cry like mother fuckin banshee just like u….U better stay the fuck away…and post something u r sure…dont make stuff up…u son of street whore….