10 Ways to Make Up to Your Boyfriend After a Fight

So not every relationship is perfect, right? You’re bound to have your ups and downs and fights and making up. You’ll be hurt and upset, but you have to realize that your boyfriend might be hurt and upset too.

Fights happen everyday – sometimes for the silliest of things and sometimes for issues that end up becoming deal-breakers. Regardless of what type of fight it is, they’re not good news for anybody. They cause rifts in your relationship and make both partners unhappy. You’re both stubborn and don’t know how to make it up to each other.

And for all those times when you’re confused about whose fault it is, and how you’re supposed to make things right, fret not, because we present to you a list of 10 ways to make up to your boyfriend after a fight!



  1. Say sorry

This is probably the most obvious, but also the most overlooked solution in the world! If you’ve said something you wish you hadn’t said, say sorry. If you think the argument was your fault, say sorry. If you’ve hurt his feelings, say sorry.

Put your ego on the backseat, stop being stubborn, try apologizing and see how easily things are forgotten!

P.S – this tip doesn’t apply if you’re confident he’s the one in the wrong. Only, only apologize if you’re the one who’s misunderstood the situation, instigated the fight or caused the fight.

  1. Don’t let things linger

This is more of a tip than a way, but it’s one that you should hold very close to your heart. If you’ve had a fight today, make sure you’re back to being okay by the end of today itself. Don’t let the fight continue into the next day and then into the next. The longer it continues, the worse it gets and grudges get formed.

Once a fight is over and you’ve made up, make sure you erase it from your mind. Don’t make references to past fights in future fights because that will only mean that you hold grudges and that’s not very healthy in a relationship.

  1. Food solves everything!

I wish! But it does make a lot of things better. So if you’re having a fight and you need to make things better with your boyfriend, there’s no better way than making him a meal! Now you don’t have to be a great cook to be able to use this tip. All you have to do is Google the recipe you want to try, make sure you have the ingredients for it, and follow the instructions religiously.

You can also make something very simple, like hot chocolate or two-minute mug brownies. All that counts is the effort because more than the food, your boyfriend will appreciate the fact that you’ve put in so much of effort and energy to create something especially for him. Win-win!

  1. Talk it out

So you’re not sure whose fault it was and you don’t know how to make things right. What you can do is talk. You don’t have to bruise your ego and apologize, if you’re not convinced of that idea. Just sit down and talk about what happened. But before you start, set some ground rules. No screaming, no blaming, and no walking away. You don’t want another fight, do you?

  1. Give him time

Just like you’re angry after a fight and in no mood to talk, so is he. So give him some time and let him cool down. You both need a little space to think about whatever happened. And once some realization happens, the two of you can go back to being cuddly again. But until then, respect his privacy and give him some space. He’s going to like you better for it.

  1. Compromise

So why do fights happen? Because there are issues that the two of you can’t agree upon, right? So one of you will either have to change your attitude or your opinion. It’s important to be adjusting; otherwise no relationship will ever succeed. You must bend a little for your boyfriend and he must be willing to compromise for the sake of your relationship. It’s a two way street and the two of you have to meet each other in the middle.

  1. Avoiding future fights

The only way to guarantee things will be better in the future is if you learn from the fights you’re having now. You have to sit down and think – why are we fighting? Am I happy in the relationship? Never, ever change your fundamental self for the sake of any person, no matter how important he may be to you.

So think about what just happened and how you can avoid such conflicts in the future. Every relationship needs work and there’s always space for more growth!

  1. Be Understanding

Just like you think your opinion is correct, he thinks his is. So who wins? Easy! Nobody. Every fight is hurting the two of you so do yourself a favor and try and understand things from his perspective sometimes. Remind yourself that he loves you and cares for you and that his intention wasn’t to hurt you. If you get these basic things established, understanding and forgiving will be a lot easier.

  1. Make a plan

If it is your fault and you don’t know how to go about making things right, try surprising him. Men like surprises as much as women do. Try getting a copy of his favorite movie, or sending him a sweet text on his phone, or spending the evening playing a computer game he loves. It’s the small efforts that make the difference.

  1. Remind him of the good times

This one is pretty self-explanatory. What happens when you fight is that you’re only remembering the ugly moments. And that’s wrong. The reason why you two are together is because you make each other happy. Remind him of that. Of the previous day when you weren’t fighting and everything was perfect. Of the pictures that he has of you on his phone. Of all the good times that you two have spent and will continue to spend together.

It’s important to accept the fact that not everyday will be filled with rainbows and unicorns. Every relationship requires work and yours is no exception. You just have to be willing to put in that effort and time to make it right. So go ahead and try any of these ways to make it up to your boyfriend – we promise you guaranteed success!

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