Why being Married is better than Being Single: 10 Reasons

“Marry me Juliet, You’ll never have to be alone.” – Love Story , Fearless by Taylor Swift

Well, honestly dear, you marry and you never have to be alone. It goes unsaid and matrimony is without doubt one of the best things to happen to life, well if only you plan to make the best of it ofcourse. While most in the 21st century are largely matrimony phobic more due to their independent nature than career goals as they frequently confess it to be, marriage is still essential. How good is it to wake up every morning next to the man you love, who you know would stick through thick and thin, the highs and the lows. The person who knows you in your rawest and most savage man and is with you by choice. And the best part about being married? Well, ask me and I’d say you can eat those pretzels and pizzas and not be scared that he’ll like you any less with the fat showing on the belly. You are way above that, trust me, you are.


10. To handle every work as one

Once you are married, you don’t survive on instant noodles and bread slices anymore. You cook together and you eat together. You live together and you sleep together. And on Sundays, well you clean together and you go grocery shopping together. And if there’s a football match you ought to catch, be sure that the wife has so much work planned for you. Like literally so freaking much. You’d have to do the dishes, and the laundry and maybe take her to the doctor or shopping too. Everything, but not the match. Except that you do everything together, yes, even watching the chic flicks.

9. Combined Goals: Grow as a family

Your finances are one, your goals are one and married people are seen to perform better with their career and financial goals than single people. Your goals are the same, you work for them together and well, you share your bills and you decide your goals together. It is no more the expense splitting with your flatmate. The goals are just a lot more responsible like moving into a larger place, family planning and investing for your future. You spend together, you save together and you live together. And there can never be more satisfaction then sharing the happiness of achieving those goals with your partner.

8. You’ve got the legal rights

Say someone what may, live in will never ever give the same emotional satiation as a marriage. You’d have your bouts of insecurities and they’d be entirely justified. You have no legal right over your partner, no law that respects you as a part of their life. No insurance together, no policies together and no future security of sharing responsibilities if you’ve planned a family. But marriage, well it gives you rights on well over his wardrobe and his room, you are practically two halves of the same person in the eyes of the law.

7. Being you: Nothing is embarrassing anymore

The best thing about being married is you can be you. The crazy you that you weren’t in front of anyone ever. You can hum the song even if you are croaking, you can watch the match like maniacs, have the obsession for Pokemon, have an extended PMS week and even have your partner pick up tampons for you at the middle of the night. Nothing is embarrassing anymore. You share more than just physical space with the partner. It’s like you know each other within and withal and there ain’t no more boundaries to being yourself.

6. The home is finally HOME

As a bachelor, you’ve most likely stayed more in pigsty conditions than what you’d call home. Atleast that is what is conventionally chosen to be believed. You never know what supplies are running out, you just think you’d go buy it whenever you need it and realize you’ve run out of it. It is hardly ever that organizing chores are carried out, more so because you don’t have the time. The place is in a ruin if the friends crashed in last night. Beer bottles lying in from god knows when need clearing and well when you’re married, you suddenly realize how much place you actually had that was hidden in the mess. You are more likely to have a balanced nutritional diet, a proper sleep routine and regular organizing of the wardrobes.

5. Someone to return home to

Believe it or not, half the spinsters and the bachelors today are prone to getting lonely and depressed about their lives simply because they seek to be so independent that family becomes an intrusion. They often return late from work and move out early to beat the loneliness. Living alone in urban cities does that you. Being married has you waiting to go back home because there is someone you have to return home to. You know that there is someone awaiting your presence at home and in their lives. And the feeling of returning home to someone is in itself blissful. Just the fact that you are cared for.

4. More Responsibility, More Maturity

The fact is well known that till the time you get settled, you are most likely to remain careless about most aspects of your life. Your personal well being, your finances, your expenses are all unaccounted for. You lead life as it goes. There is only a very little planning involved. Once you are married you are more aware of your responsibilities. You know that you are not alone and that there’s a home and a family that needs to be taken care of. Moreover you know that this ain’t your casual no fooling around with that.

3. A base for your own bloodline

Confess to it or not, just being sexually active sure doesn’t make you secure enough to shoulder the responsibility of being a parent. You are never sure enough of whether or not the child would get the parenting they deserve. Getting married whereas builds grounds to give birth to your own flesh and blood and acknowledging the needs of parenting. You know there’s a lineage you got to run and there you see your bloodline growing.

2. Sex Partner, Cuddle Buddy, and everyone you ever need

Alright now, don’t roll your eyes like that. I know it does not take marriage to have sex, but marriage sure lends the permanence to the partner. It’s like your partner won’t care if you have flabby thighs. There is a partner who satiates your physical and sexual needs just as well your emotional dependency. Someone you can just cuddle up to without having to speak your words. Just how the permanence gets you settled with the idea of being loved.

1. Telepathic love: The most transparent relationship of your life

Because when you are tied in a promise of love forever, you are bound to be in the kind of relationship you see in movies. You might fight, you might get wild but then you’d be into each other and know exactly how your partner feels at any point of time. They’ll know it the instance they see your face or even when they don’t of what exactly you feel. They’d be with you without any obligations, without any disturbances and without expressing. You won’t even know the extent of which your partner is there for you. It might never feel enough but it is always enough. It’s the most transparent relationship you’ll have in your life where you can call the other in the middle of a meeting just to tell how you feel. However it is, whatever it is, it is the most permanent relationship of your life. The most sharing and the most caring.

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  • Well if marriage is the best state to be in for you, that’s fine. But would you kindly not list these reasons as though they are absolute and applicable to everybody. I have been married twice but have been single now for years and would never get married again. I am happier than I have ever been. And …er no…I don’t want a sex partner or a cuddle bunny thank you.

  • Noodles and bread diet? LOL. My boyfriend cooks me incredible dinners and is the most amazing man ever. Not many of my married friends eat as well as we do, or can afford to do the things we do. Shoot! Most of my married friends don’t get along as well as us either. So uhh, why is being married better?