Why Forgiving is Sometimes Important: 10 Reasons

The stupid neither forgive nor forget ; the naive forgive and forget ; the wise forgive but do not forget.
We live, We fight. We forgive, We forget. It is cycle of life which goes on. What remains, is bitterness and retaliation in heart. There is not single person on Earth who do not suffer resentment after being hurt. It is natural to feel bad, to feel hitting back. But what makes you stable in such situation is the ability to let it go. One should accept the people as they are. You cannot change others but can affect them the way you return your blow.
Forgiveness adorns a soldier. Forgiving is the best revenge you can do to an enemy. Forgiving is the attribute of the strong, the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness makes you at peace and gives you an upper hand. Forgiveness is not accepting the bad done to you, it is to love the person who give pain. It is to remove the bitterness from deep within the heart and life. You should forgive, but never forget the lesson learnt from pain. Each day gives us a chance to learn something, few become moral values and some lead you a better life.
To my consent, Here are 10 reasons you should let the resentment go and forgive.

10. Life is too short to hold grudge

Everyone who took birth have to die one day. We neither bring nor take anything from this world. Human is mortal, still we are in a constant fight over things that actually has no role. As we grow old, consciousness about the unreal world is should increase. One who remain hidden from truth stays in myth. We have limited number of years and breath too is uncertain. Everything is bound to happen. For how long can you hold on grudge at a person? Life is too short to hate people. Love people and forgive your enemies. It is love and care that you leave behind. People will either love you or hate, based on what you gave to the world. You lost that period of happiness and life when you were angry over a fight . Live each moment as if you are dying next. No one knows what will happen next, but what happened was in our hands. Live life to its fullest and spread love.

9. Our happiness is our duty

There are situations when people fight over not showing love and care. Ask yourself. Is it really the care shown by others which makes you happy? Our happiness is in our hands, it is our duty to keep our mind and body happy. We are the creators of our own life. Don’t ask for happiness pointing at others, instead give more to yourself. The after fight silence and bitterness that people retain is their choice. Forgive people and give them love instead of harsh words. Forgiving is God-like. Happy people are loved by all. The environment in which they live is filled with joy. You have to be good if you expect people to be good to you. You have to wear your own shoes.

8. People are people

As we grow we gain strength and weakness from environment in which we live. Some people are easy to handle and some are difficult. They are just themselves. It is in their nerves. It is not necessary that every person will like you as you do. There are people who are not of your kind. Accept people as they are and then take relevant action. It is our responsibility and values that teach us to forgive after being hurt. It is one of the crux of Holy Gita. People will remain as they are. If they hurt you, give them love. Eventually, love supersedes hatred.

7. Forgive and Learn

Time is a great teacher. Every mistake teach us a lesson. Forgive people but do not forget the lesson learnt from them. Make yourself better than before. It is the lesson that will help you to cater such situations in life. Not even forgiving others, you should learn to forgive yourself over mistakes you have done. Accept your mistakes, forgive yourself, learn from them and go on.

6. Love reflect back to you, so is Forgiving

Forgiving is the act of showing love to your opponent even after a fight. The more you forgive, the less are the fights that involve you. Love reflects itself. Be gentle to people. Love people and it will come back to you manifold. It is the rule of nature. Whatever you give, comes back to you. It is the choice between love or hatred that make the difference. Forgive people over their mistakes, so will they.

5. Smile through the situation

It is the lessons learnt from forgiving people that will help you to tackle problems in life and will sail you through. As you experience things in life, better and stable your mind becomes, in cases of fight and anger. Meditate to keep yourself calm. Meditation helps you in gaining strength from within. It is not only with one person, but midst many, that one can get over the situation easily. Next time you face such situation, you will smile, knowing the solution.

4. Forgiving fades resentment

Fights occur, so do bitterness in heart. It is forgiving, that can fade this bitterness. Positive exceed negative. After you forgive,think of the time and happy moments spent together. The love shared will eventually erase hatred from hearts. Your mind will be at peace after you understand how easy it is to let go. It is then the reins of life is in your hands. You feel relaxed after forgiving instead of blowing back. Forgiving strengthens the bond as understanding grow.

3. You are not a football

The hatred and thoughts of fight keep you tied to that person. You become a football of other’s opinion. You react to people’s thought and they have control on you. What they think matters you more than what you think of yourself. Live your life the way you want. Forgiving sets you free from thoughts of other’s life, while you can focus on your own. Moreover, for how long can you react to people opinion about your life? Stop being a football and play your game.

2. Forgiving is fastest recovery

People hurt each other. Physical injuries recover fast but the rankle continues. Forgiving your enemy is the best help you can do to recover from bitterness. Deep injuries can never heal until you forgive. Don’t wait for an apology, instead share feelings with your friend whom you fought. Friendship, Relationship are bound to have fights, it is in our hands, how we handle them. Do not be a victim, walk away from being controlled and forgive people.

1. Health Benefits

Fighting increases your temperature. The mental pain that one suffers from does not let your injuries heal. Your anxiety level drops the moment you think positive after a conflict or distress. Forgiving is a stress buster. Also, it lowers your blood pressure. What else do you want from a moral value that saved you from heart attack !

You must be wondering, how easy it is to say than done ! Yes, It is. But isn’t it the truth that we all know? From which we all are well versed? Forgiving is neither easy nor difficult. It is the choice that makes forgiving easier than punishing. We break the bridge over which we have to pass ourselves, by keeping bitterness and hatred in heart. Keeping hatred for other will hurt you, not them. Once you forgive, you let loose everything that binds you to live and you become happier than before. Forgive the person that hurt you, you will have peace. Allow injuries to heal. Let go all the pain you kept inside for so many years and feel relieved. Love heals.

To err is Human, to forgive, divine.

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