Why Getting Old is Beautiful: 10 Reasons

You may have heard it many times that age is just a number, your heart should be young. What is this obsession with youth and age? Is old age really that bad? I don’t think so. I have seen so many old people who have embraced their age with not only grace and elegance but also with confidence. In this age of Botox and facelifts, everybody is running after youthfulness. Whatever for? Ageing is just another beautiful process- as natural as breathing. It is that time of your life where you are fairly sure about your footing in life. Isn’t that great for your confidence? Physically, your body does undergo a lot of changes but it doesn’t jump on you suddenly. It’s a gradual process where you get acquainted with the changes in your body and mind, slowly and steadily. Although, it is a cliche but it’s just another phase of your life- as exciting and exhilirating as the other phases were. Here too, you learn and experience a lot of things that you had not been able to do before. It could be as simple as rekindling your love or as complicated as coming to terms with certain aspects of your life. You get to know it all! I have listed 10 reasons which highlight the beauty of getting old.

10. Confidence much?


It is actually hard not to be confident. When you have lived for long and gone through a labyrinth of different experiences, it gets easy to be confident all the time. You also learn to shut out any kind of nonsense that doesn’t sit well with you. So, rock that confidence!

9. Wisdom without the wisdom tooth!


Well, this is quite self- explanatory, isn’t it? Experience makes you all the more wise. Getting old means that you have seen-it-all and done-it-all. Your age and variety of life experiences impart you with a wisdom that you can share with others too. Haven’t you wondered why your grandparents are always good in giving you advice?

8. It’s finally okay to forget things!


Do you forget things or do you forget to get certain chores done that you had sworn you would complete? Worry not! It is completely okay to forget things when you are growing old. Nobody will nag you anymore. In fact, they may end up completing the task that you had forgotten about. Isn’t that great? For instance, you may forget plots of novels that you have already read. That gives you a chance to re- read them again and experience the whole roller- coaster ride of curiosity and anxiety.

7. Grandchildren! Duh?


Who doesn’t love children? (Okay, there are a few who don’t but we are not counting them). You already know how it is a known fact that parents tend to love their children unconditionally. Think about how that love will explode when you actually have grand kids! In a way, you can live your children’s childhood all over again. Grandparents especially love to spoil their grandchildren and who can blame them? It’s a joy to see the birth of a new generation.

6. More time for love.


Old age means no more work. You can finally retire and dedicate your entire time to love near and dear ones. And of course, you get to spend some quality time with your better half who has always covered your back at all times. Old age is a great time to re- ignite your love! You can go back to those times of romance when you had been young and in love. Make that heart palpitate for a completely different reason!

5. Dressing up has never been so easy.


It is always a hassle to dress up according to places and occasions. Even if you complain about it, you end up following the same rules that you have been protesting against. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Most of us are conditioned that way. But you can clearly bypass this rule as you get old. Nobody expects you to wrap yourself up in uncomfortable and sweaty clothes or to wear shoes that leave you with painful blisters. No way! Now, you only dress  up for comfort. Doesn’t that make you sigh in relief?

4. Peace, at last!


As you grow old and retire, you tend to drag yourself away from the chaos of everyday life. You are no more obliged to be a part of the rat race that has been driving the world crazy since a long, long time. You can finally breathe and just be who you want to be. You make peace with your past even if it is riddled with regrets.

3. Better sleep.


Now, this has been scientifically proven. Doctors believe old people sleep well and grumble less about being tired. It is because they have less work therefore, they don’t stress as much which allows them to have a good long sleep in the night.

2. No fear of death.


Young people are always afraid of dying. It is one of the reasons why they push themselves more in life. But when you get old, you accept the idea of dying. You don’t treat it as your enemy anymore but rather think of embracing it like a friend. It’s just another step in life and having lived long, you find yourself ready to take that next step.

1. More happiness.


Haven’t you wondered why old people are always smiling? Having lived their lives, they don’t have anything more to worry about. They make peace with their past and are not afraid of the future anymore. This allows them to be completely in sync with their present. As a result, they are happy and content. And let’s admit it, they do learn to find joy in non- materialistic aspects of life.


I hope you’ll learn more about old age as you live your life more and more. Just be assured, old age is not only about medicines and trips to doctors. Sure, your health is no longer the same as it used to be but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a healthy life style. You can still live your life on your own terms without having to depend on anybody else. It’s nothing to be scared of! And please, don’t try to run after youthful skin. Your wrinkles and lose skin have a story in each and every fold. Let that story be known.

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Samridhi Sharma

A student of English and Cultural Studies at Punjab University. An ardent reader and a freelance writer.