Why go Vegetarian or Vegan? 10 Reasons that will make you think

I may not be a PETA activist, but I don’t need to be one to promote vegetarianism. You know why? Because I am human, and that is reason enough I think of animals and other humans too. So has being a vegan come across as a barricade to you? I am sorry but your only boundary is your mind set. I can vouch for it, for I am a vegetarian and in almost the four continents I have travelled, I have done pretty well with the cuisines. You switch not because you should save the animals, but for a healthier you too. Here’ s why you must turn a vegetarian.


10. The Plate full of Colours

Who doesn’t like their plates full of colour, like food we all love to see on instagram. Aren’t you bored of the red meat already? Or the ham, or the sausages which to me by the way appear all the same colour. Now how about we replace them with carrots so orangey red, green peas, cucumber in a lighter shade, tomatoes and plums, cherries and berries. Now a paradise in your plate is it? Come to ponder on how your meat is giving you all the same nutrition. Veggies? Different colours, different nutrients. So get that plate looking better, and get your gut feeling better.

9. No more famines

So you argue that if all humans be vegetarians, the streets would be full of animals, and fields with no grain left? I am sorry to burst your bubble of illusion but it is quite the opposite. More than 70% grain is often fed to animals raised for slaughter. Imagine, they get more grain to eat than you do, and you indirectly eat the meat that grew off that grain. How can it then be a bad idea to eat the grains directly. No more famines, no hungry stomachs and no more slaughter. Isn’t that optimizing the use of grain? And animals? Well, I am sure they can do better than being slaughtered in the least.

8. No more detox diets

Alright, don’t take me too literally but you can most definitely cut down on the number of detox diets you will have to undergo to get rid of all those toxins in within your body. Why? Because almost 95% of pesticide residue in your body can be credited to all that meat and fish you consume. And sometimes dairy products too, so realize now the need to go vegan? Anyhow dairy products contribute only a very small portion of the pesticides, so you might as well continue with them too. You know which of them can be the most toxic of them all? Yes, your fish fingers maybe, which have carcinogens as well as heavy metals including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic.

7. Lesser pollution, thanks to you.

So how do your dietary habits make changes with the environment and all the pollution? Well, they do, and you’d be alarmed at the rate at which people are already turning vegetarian. The meat industry is causing a wreck when it comes to devastating the environment. Most rivers and streams are polluted by the animal waste run offs and the chemical wastes from factory farms. More animals also mean more grains required to feed the livestock before slaughter, hence the use of more pesticides causing soil pollution. So would you do your bit to save the environment? After all you live in it too.

6. Menopausal women won’t just be that menopausal

Now don’t you wish PMS ing women weren’t just that PMS’ing? Well, menopause then is the greater trouble again. Many vegetarian foods have certain enzymes and nutrients that help benefit premenopausal and menopausal women. How? Well some vegetarian or plant based foods have phytoestrogens, the compound that mimics the role of estrogen, thereby helping to maintain increased estrogen and decreased progesterone in the body. . So now you know how being a vegetarian can pass you off so smoothly through menopause? Just if you eat soy, apples, beets, cherries, plums, olives, squash, yams, dates or raspberries. Also, you may be able to cut down on the weight gain associated with menopause by resorting to a low fat but fibre rich diet.

5. Constant Stream of energy

How? Because good nutrition gives you constant energy than an overflow of it and then absolute drainage as in the case of fats. Have a fat and protein heavy animal diet which is all but cholesterol and lots of it, and see how lethargic you get. Plant based diets on the other hand are fibre rich and take time to digest thereby providing energy and keeping you active for longer periods. So introduce legumes, fruits and veggies and maybe some whole grains and you’d never again be thankful for the snooze button in your alarm.

4. Stronger bones, Yes, without eating bones

Alright, don’t give me that stare. I know that literally you left the bones anyways, but do you know that most animal rich diets have such low levels of calcium that after a point of time the concept of strong bones will cease to exist in your life. Plant based foods? Well, you need calcium and you get magnesium and vitamin D at no extra cost. How good is that? Moreover, even if you are lactose intolerant, soy products do the job quite well.

3. You live longer- more than 100 years maybe

Alright, so a research says that an average American’s diet can be increased by upto thirteen years by simply switching their foods with nutrition rich plant based substitutes. So many complex carbohydrates kill you like slow poison. Also you increase your chances of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Don’t believe me? Go to Okinawa, see how there are so many people alive at 100 just because their diet is all of fruits and veggies. Some inspiration?

2. You save the Gym membership

Oh yes that. And all the costs that go into buying the best meat available. Veggies are the cheaper option and better for your health too. A win win situation, isn’t it? A healthy plant based diet insted of your usual artery clogging meat is sure to keep your weight down, reducing your chances to be obese, if only you do not rely on sugar entirely. Just saying. So just cut down on animal fat, no calorie counting, no exercise, you will still shed some pounds. And yeah some can be many too.

1. Food Borne illnesses? Not your cup of tea

Most food borne illnesses are outbreaks caused by meat, poultry, fish and seafood. How? Because if the meat you eat is infected, there are very high chances that you get the disease, and don’t animals have every right to be sick too? Also, you’d have lower chances of lifestyle diseases like higher blood pressure, diabetes or even cardiovascular issues caused by cholesterol rich diets. So you remain healthier and lighter and at a lower cost too. Also you cut down your chances of growing a cancer with the number of anti oxidants present in foods. So have you turned vegetarian yet?


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