Top 10 Reasons to Quit Coffee today

No, you probably do not need to read that statement again, you didn’t read it wrong. No, I didn’t type wrongly too, I meant coffee and every bit of it (or every sip of it.) I am sure that there’s no day you go without that daily cup of steaming hot cappuccino (or did you like yours cold?) but there’s no excuse for continuing that habit every single day of your life. Oh yes! Did I tell you that your life really last as long as it should with that extra boost of coffee you add to it each day! The caffeine jolt and velvety aroma has sure has had its way through your taste buds, oesophagus and your gut but would you slightly deny the fact that more than that all it passed through your heart making you relish every bit of it. The coffee beans they say make you sleep better when under the pillow, but they’d steal away the sleep with caffeine and the medical bills it is most likely to land you in. Its not just the caffeine after all, its caffeol, polyphenols, diterpenes et all. Here’s why this mug that you sip should be your last mug of coffee

10. Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf : The costlier affair


No, I am not talking of that coffee shop down the street but how coffee is mostly an expensive beverage. It runs heavy on the pocket and an average American spends $50 a week on coffee. And the averaging is always lower… ain’t it? You’ve been spending way more than that each week on coffee alone, how else do you think Starbucks ran into so much money. Oh yes its earning some starry eyed bucks. Get over that addiction for coffee and there you are saving over $2500 a year! That much? Yes! That can easily finance your travels to the France and maybe there at some bistro you’d love to sip some coffee, or maybe exchange your cup for heated wine, that’s the best you get in France.

9. Addiction much? Junking in on energy


They asked you to trash those Colas because they were Junk but coffee wasn’t? You ought to be kidding me. The dairy and the sugar make it no healthier than any other calorie packed drink sans nutrition. Have not you been associating coffee with cream, froth and sugar? Is it Black coffee that you’ve been gulping down now and then? No? Make way for coffee, but only for it to exit and never return.

8. Drain your body: Off water, off minerals


You won’t really be off water per say, but you’ll be more dehydrated than those who’ve not had their sip of water today. Why? Caffeine does that to you. Also, losing more water implies elevated urinary excretion and how does that ever matter? It does for its draining that body off calcium, magnesium, potassium and a lot many minerals your body needs to retain. And then what happens? Nothing much… you just need to visit the hospital a lot many times with systemic complications because there’s nothing balanced about your electrolytes.

7. Detoxify? Sorry, the coffee takes the call

You know what that dark brown powder is doing to you? Its interfering with your normal drug metabolism and playing nasty with the detoxification of your liver. And if by any bad luck or chance you’ve been having medications constituted of Levothroxine or tricylic antidepressants, you’ve been trying in vain. All that money and time was but a waste for coffee reduces proper absorption of those in your body.

6. No sleep, all worry? Let the Serotonin Speak


And you thought the antioxidants were helping you detox? If only! As coffee drinkers you are at a risk of lower levels of serotonin synthesis in your brain. And what would that do? A lot, you’ll lose onto normal sleep, the bowel function would be haphazard and your moods and energies are only a topic of great debate. You’ll disrupt sleep and dwell in anxiety but that’s a personal choice to make. You get what I say? You be caffeinated, you take the consequences.

5. The heartburn explains what coffee does


And if you are done with the burping, would you stop cursing the bistro you hung out at last night? The food was not bad, neither infected. You didn’t overeat either. Maybe its the last cup of coffee speaking! Yes, coffee does that too. It’s acidic and would not shy away from being associated with indigestion, gastrointestinal problems, GERD, dysbiosis and heartburn. Now you know why were you changing sides all night but had no relief at all. Yes, it was the coffee.

4. Cardiovascular contractions? Should’ve known already


And since you didn’t already seem to know any of these, I was pretty convinced you’d be as shocked at this. Coffee delays glucose absorption (yeah, that’s how it curbs appetite) and mostly causes increase in homocysteine levels. And what levels are those? Coffee lovers won’t find them important. They are after all only indicators of high risks of cardiovascular diseases and higher risks of diabesity. But do you care? I doubt.

3. Diterpenes and all, medical reports and all


And there you thought you’re getting your fair share of anti oxidants from the unfiltered coffee? Alright! Everything in the world comes at a cost, so did these anti oxidants you’ve been boasting of consuming lately. Don’t know what I mean? Unfiltered coffee leaks out most diterpenes into your system and what does that do to your system? It raises the levels of triglycerides as well as the low density lipoproteins (LDL) or the bad cholesterol that damages your cardiovascular system. It also raises the levels of Very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) which is a type of fat and especially harmful due to its composition and structure. You are sure to get your share of heart problems with these. They are right when they say “No love comes without heartache.” So much for love of coffee.

2. Beware: You increased your chances of mortality


Coffee in plain simple words is almost as harmful as those drugs you’ve been warned off all your life. How? Because drugs are scary due to the addiction they are believed to cause and coffee too causes caffeine addiction. Caffeine causes increase in insulin sensitivity thereby making it very tough for your cells to respond aptly to the blood sugar levels. And stop acting like you don’t already know what is lead to by high blood sugar levels. Oh yes! Deterioration of most organs in your body including arterial deterioration thereby causing huge risks of mortality. No you don’t want to die. DO you?

1. Stress Hormones and Adrenaline: Stop abusing that body


Often many times the most underrated reason of giving up that mug of slow poison is the fact that the caffeine in it is responsible for almost everything that goes bad, or can go bad. It increases catecholamines or your stress hormones. You know what that stress hormone does to you? Oh yes, elicits cortisol and increases insulin. Yeah! That’s also a reason for the fat accumulation around your belly. You know who to blame for that circumference around your waist? That said, they say caffeine keeps you active but it rather increases insulin that boosts up energy for a short time and them causes inflammation and also makes you lousy. Yes, lousier than that big fat mug you’ve taken into use each day to brew your coffee.

Get over coffee, and let life smile once again. That said, I might have to grab a cup of coffee after learning what it’s doing to my system. Oh Wait! It’s not going to relax me anymore. Would it work for you?

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