Why You Should Be Always Thankful to Your Parents: 10 Reasons

When was the last time you thanked your parents for giving you an amazing childhood? When was the last time you hugged your mom just because? Or when was the last time you kissed your dad, for that phone he bought for you?

It is very convenient to ignore all the good things in your life. You could blame your crappy life all you want but one thing you can absolutely not deny is the one constant thing in your life that you have always looked up to – your parents.

Be it the soccer practice, or school play; your graduation day or a sick day at home. They have been there always, maybe not physically but they were always with you emotionally. If you haven’t got enough reasons to thank them, here are 10 undeniable reasons that reaffirm the fact that you need to thank them every day.

Why You Should Be Always Thankful to Your Parents: 10 Reasons

  1. They gave this world the Awesome-you

The sole reason that you are here, breathing and all, is because of your parents. Had they decided that they don’t want to bring you into this world or that they are satisfied with your older brother or sister only, there is no way that you would have been here today.

Irrespective of the occasional accidents (if you know what I mean), there planning is the single reason your stunning self is here with everyone.

  1. You can break up with them as many times and they still will take you back

There is this phase where everything seems wrong, where fighting and being rebellious is the answer to every query. You can defy them over and over again, and yet they will never walk out on you.

You can fight with a friend but there is always a void, a grudge, a changed relationship; with your parents, there is no resent, there can be no resent for they don’t know the meaning of that word when it comes to their children. There are fights, loads of them but apologies are sincere and easily accepted.

  1. They bought all your clothes, phones, and other cool stuff

Financial support is one of the most evident kinds of support your parents provide to you. From your education to sports class; to your laptops and smartphones to the food you eat; they have sponsored you throughout your childhood. Some even support their children, when they are all grown up, supporting their dreams and aspirations.

You can probably go to them now, ask for some quick cash, and they will never deny, no matter how hard it may fall on their budget.

  1. They are there beyond all the money and materialistic stuff

Parents can provide financial assistance only until a certain point for money has its limits. But one thing that is never ending is their emotions. They have cried with us in our pain, they have laughed with us in our joy, they have scolded us in our wrongdoings, they have fought for us from the whole world.

The raw and intense emotions that your parents have for you are unparalleled in every sense. Remember the time your mom was holding your crying self at the time of your first break up? Or the time your dad helped you get out of your mother’s scolding when you failed that test? Their emotional support has given us the courage to face the world and take risks.

  1. They taught you the meaning of love

How would you have ever known the meaning of loving or caring someone had it not been for your parents? The late-night stories, the family outings, the random gifts, the surprise visits. They may not tell you how much they love you every day but they show it at every moment and the best part? You can feel it, you can understand it and you can replicate it comfortably.

With your parents, there is no pretending, there are no formalities, there are no doubts. There is just love.

  1. They make you feel safe

Taking risks become so much easier when you know there is someone to fall back on. Isn’t that exactly what your parents do? They make you feel protected, telling you that they are there always. They can fight amongst themselves but they would stand together at the end of the day to be with you.

They nurture you in a bubble of safety, a layer of protection which ensures that come may whatever, you are never alone. Don’t you remember threating that annoying kid in the class, telling him that messing with you is messing with your parents? I sure do. It’s amazing how that safety bubble can make you do things that you will be scared to do otherwise.

  1. They are the much-needed Authoritarians in your life

If there is the feeling of love and safety, there is that feeling of fear. The fear of doing something wrong and your parents finding it out. Your parents are your first teachers, the first people who scolded you or scared the heck out of you. The mere existence of your parents is enough to stop you from partying all night, drowning yourself in booze, or taking your education for granted.

They give us the discipline, without which we might turn out to be uncivilized animals. They give us ground rules, they give us morals and values, they give us examples to follow.

  1. They are and will always be your true critics

Your parents are some of the few people who would tell you what is wrong. When you do something good, there will be hundreds to congratulate you and praise you but if you do something wrong, not many would tell you where you went wrong or what could have been done differently.

You parents would do that for you. They will warn you before you fall into a pit, they will alert you before walking into a wall, they will inform you before you make a fool out of yourself. You can score a goal and people would clap, you could leave a goal and your parents would coach you (or take you to your coach) for the next game.

  1. Their sacrifices know no bounds

Your parents have sacrificed so much, half of which you might not be even aware of. Isn’t your choice of the place where your parents take you out to? Isn’t your choice of food the first one to be taken care of? There are so many instances where you can see your parents giving up a little to give you a lot.

And even after all that, they would never show it on their faces. They would still be smiling and loving, standing there for you as usual.

  1. They love you no matter what

There is nothing you could possibly do that will make your parents love you less. Their love doesn’t see how much you earn, or how much you spend on them. They won’t scold you because you couldn’t buy them a car, but because you couldn’t make yourself happy.

You can be thankful to them for hundred other reasons. But be thankful for they made you a half-responsible, half-notorious, absolutely breathtaking adult.


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