Zodiac Signs that Flirt the Most: All 12 Zodiac Ranked

“I narrowed my eyes at it. Ming-de’s little gift, I assumed. “You look better in color,” I snapped.
He sent me a sultry look over his shoulder. “Really? Most women think I look better in nothing at all.”
― Karen Chance

Oh well! Now that’s just a glimpse of it. You can be as innovative as you want and there aren’t any rules as such. Of course there’s a thin line between flirting and being vulgar but I am not here to delve into that. So as I was saying, who doesn’t like a natural rouge upon their cheeks? A blush accompanied with a faster than usual heartbeat is something that we all seek once in a while. And flirting brings these sweet titillation to your doorstep. Anything ranging from casual daily flirting to routine flirting via texting, flirting sweeps you off your feet and just makes your day or night, whatever being the time. And sometimes when you’re just a little upset remembering the flirtatious moments makes you smile yet again.

Your zodiac may predict how much you flirt but in my opinion you can always change that! Get to another level, tone in down a little bit if it is getting in the way of your business. I’d say no amount of flirting is ever enough. Somehow my emotions have been perfectly backed by my words! Many a times people don’t believe in astrology but here I have presented the signs ranked according to astrology and backed by data found through online dating sites and apps.

Below are the signs that flirt the most in increasing order:-

12. Aquarius

It’s not as though you don’t like to flirt. But you prefer flirting with intelligence. You flirt the least because you fear that you’ll waste time on one particular person. Also that person may turn out to be silly. That is not something you can deal with. Also you tend to flirt with entire groups, however, that is not necessarily in a romantic or sensual context. Your wit enables you to delve into sarcasm and wicked humour. In one way yes that could be perceived as a different style of flirting.

11. Libra

By nature you know about flirting as your sign is ruled by Venus. However, part of you also knows pretty much about love and romance. So you’re kind of in a chaos of whether to go for love or to stop at flirting. This is the primary reason why you’re ranked six is because you don’t send out too strong messages. You stick to your natural flirting without adding words that may hurt another person. So although you are good at it and you stick by your rules.

10. Pisces

You flirt much less than you can owing to your sensitive nature. You are also shy which decreases your tendency to flirt compared to other signs. However, your charm always attracts people towards you so that makes up for the gap created by not flirting. While texting a stranger, you are likely to flirt with more ease.

9. Sagittarius

You are fun and that is what works best for you. Albeit adventurous, you end up on a different route. You flirt less and in a not-so sensitive way too. This sort of detached flirting gives you the ninth rank in flirting.

8. Taurus

You rather not text, or call. You prefer being called or sent a message. You are slightly archaic in your ways of flirting and you know it. So you hardly flirt first. You need a sign or something to get started because you’re so adorable.

7. Aries

You are not the hesitant kind so you don’t mind making the first move. However, your approach is not flirtatious in nature. So technically you flirt very little or don’t flirt at all.

6. Gemini

You flirt and guess what you’re good at it too. What stops you from flirting instantly is when you encounter a boring conversation. Although this behaviour of yours is not counted as flirting, the person you’re speaking to may perceive it as flirting. Your this strange demeanor puts you in the sixth position.

5. Capricorn

Although you love flirting and do it regularly, you have very subtle ways of flirting. You try to give hints through gently stroking your hair or touching your body. And because you’ve done it so much, it’s almost become a habit. You are a little selective when it comes to the person you’d like to flirt with.

4. Cancer

You are no ordinary flirt. You love to delve into the unknown. Your love for imagination could be one of the reasons why you flirt so much. You also like flirting because while doing so you find some sense of comfort. You are emotional so this decreases the amount of flirting if you find that you’re partner is not that interested or interesting anymore. This puts you on number four ranking on the flirting list of sun signs.

3. Leo

I know you love it. You’ve already decided on your move. But if that fails you’ve got more. And then some more. You might not flirt on finding that you aren’t gaining much from it. You need flattery and equal attention as you flirt. So a one-way transaction doesn’t work for you. So this is why you’re number three on the flirting list.

2. Scorpio

Oh you do flirt and quite often too. You are so good that you can even teach another the art of flirting. You just can’t help coming back to it because you love it so much. Everything you do has a flirtatious touch to it. You know it and you do it deliberately. Therefore, you are second among all signs in the field of flirting.

1. Virgo

According to OurTime Virgos sent the maximum number of messages implying that they are the most outgoing. They might be audacious flirts but also dare to date seriously. You are always looking for opportunities to flirt. To put it straight you are looking for someone at least at par with you on the communication front, and then there’s no end to flirting. While flirting you surprise yourself with your own ways of flirting. You give off strong sensual vibes while flirting. Others may see this point at an obstacle as they wouldn’t know what to say next, but you think of it as a path to more flirting. So this outgoing nature of yours puts you on the top of the list.

Flirting should neither be seen in a negative light nor should it be considered something totally romantic. It’s different, not always the opposite but yes could be. It can be something as simple as a sweet compliment to a stranger. Nothing has to happen. All you need is the stranger to smile. So perhaps if you see this side of it, maybe you can incorporate it in your lives.


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