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Listovative is new list resource website and is a property of Dose Internet Media. The content on the website and contributed by our exclusive authors for which they are remunerated and all the rights of content remains with and Dose Internet Media only. We don’t allow content reproduction in any form whether Digital or Physical without our permission.

A lot of research and time goes in every article (list) that is written on the website, Our authors and editors make sure that the facts reported in an article are accurate however we would suggest you to not consider our (or our writer’s) opinions as the articles are for informational purpose only.

We believe in every user’s privacy and hence we don’t store any of our users/visitors information in any form on our server (we may ask you to opt in for email subscription though which actually could be very useful as we would occasionally send you our best content right into your email box).

Disclaimer: Third Party Sponsored Ads

In order to support our site (writers/server and other website related costs) we may put Sponsored Ads which would be served by industry leading platform/solution Google Adsense. We would have no direct relationship with any of those companies (unless otherwise stated) and hence we claim no responsibility of the products or service’s ads displayed on our website so we request that you do your proper research before you trust the advertiser.


We look forward to serve you with the best most informative list articles. You can always get in touch with us if you need more information about anything through the contact form.


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