10 Advantages of Saving and Planting more Trees

EVS was such an easy subject in the 9th and 10th grade, wasn’t it? We all loved it. It could fetch cookies on our report cards. However, it was EVS that taught us, “Trees provide us with everything necessary to sustain life”. That’s right, we live because trees live. This fact is probably sufficient for us to understand the importance of trees but, the day by day increase in the global warming rates is a proof that most of us haven’t even reckoned this fact to be true. We are considered as the most intelligent animals and it’s only us that we care for and there are really high chances that this irony might lead to the extinction of all species on Earth, including ourselves. On a selfish note, even if we do care only about ourselves, we should still plant more and more trees keeping the following 10 advantages of saving and planting more trees in mind.

10. Purify the air

We don’t really pay much attention to the fact that how clean and safe is the air that we take in. With increasing urbanization and industrialization, levels of air pollution have reached a point, that in some parts of Southern Asia, surveys have showed that breathing during taking a stroll on a regular street is almost similar to smoking 5 cigarettes. This fact in itself is very scary and only one thing can take us out of this situation, trees. Emissions from vehicles, chimneys, air-conditioners, refrigerators, etc. are tremendously polluting the air around us. An acre of trees can reduce 2.6 tons of CO2 in a year, a gas that we should exhale and not inhale. Also, if you’ve got a family of 4, plant a tree and you don’t need to worry for your family’s oxygen demand for as long as the tree is alive.

9. Purify water

The water that we drink and use for a million of other purposes may not be as fit for using as we think it to be. Due to different types of emissions by cars, etc. and the increasing discharge of harmful industrial effluents has hugely polluted the water of all water bodies thus, affecting the overall water cycle. To ensure whether the water you’re consuming is fit for that purpose or not, plant trees. Yes, planting 100 trees can fetch you relief from 250,000 Gallons of acid rain from mixing into the nearby water body. Trees absorb the rain water which passes through their stems and finally reaches the ground thus, preventing this water from mixing into the water body. Something that kids play with i.e., the leaves and twigs that are shed off from trees also act as natural filters that drain the water and remove pollutants.

8. Prevent natural calamities

Natural disasters are a very serious issue. Almost all places on Earth are absolutely prone to some or the other kind of natural disasters. For instance, coastal regions are prone to floods and tsunami, deserts are prone to droughts, snowy hill stations are prone to avalanches and land slides and regions other than these fall vulnerable to earthquakes. Its interesting to know that planting trees can prevent us from these disasters and most importantly, save us from facing the massive aftereffects of such incidents. Trees prevent soil erosion as their roots get intermingled and form a network which binds the soil and keep it in place preventing the area from land slides. The growth of the dense canopies of trees above ground prevent the land from getting directly hit by tsunamis or floods thus, reducing their impact up to a considerable extent.

7. Boost economy

Trees have a lot of advantages but trust me, this one is the best. This one can show you some money. Actually, a lot of money. Planting trees can fetch you money, such a simple way of getting rich, isn’t it? A property with a lot of trees in it increases its economic value by 4% to 11%. Buyers get more attracted to those houses, villas, etc. that have a beautiful lush green appearance to present. They tend to go to those hotels or resorts that possess a lot of greenery. Shoppers prefer going to those multiplexes that have an environment full of trees. Trees also help to prevent the massive financial losses that one might face as an adverse outcome of a natural disaster.

6. Save wildlife habitat

We keep pets. Why do we keep pets? Because we love animals. There is another very good way to show them your love. Planting trees. Firstly because the deteriorating condition of the ecosystem due to several factors like global warming has brought a lot of species to the brink of extinction and some species have no place to live. These species are made to compromise with their habitat and that’s unimaginable. Imagine somebody suddenly claiming your house and snatching it from you using all possible means. Could you bear that? Then why are these creatures expected to bear such trauma? The least we can do is plant trees in order to provide them with a refuge. Lastly, if these species keep getting washed off from the ecosystem one-by-one, it will absolutely destabilize the environment, largely affecting the food chains. Extinction of one species will lead to the extinction of another and so on. Trees are important for the survival of the wildlife as well.

5. Combat climate change

Such conditions are being created slowly and gradually due to which frequent climate change has become a normal phenomenon. Summers have lengthened and winters have shortened. We are no more able to enjoy those cold evenings with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. Planting trees can help us resume to this routine. Trees use CO2 in the atmosphere through photosynthesis to produce wood. Thus, they absorb more and more CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in the form of wood which combats climate change and prevents altering of the lengths of the seasons.

4. Provide us with so many useful products

Fruits, vegetables, fodder, wood, organic matter (as biofertilizer), medicines and most importantly, chocolates. Anyway, these are some of the products that are directly obtained from trees. Saving and planting trees has so many advantages but this is an awesome one. We use all of the above mentioned products every single day. This indicates that how dependent we are on this amazing creation of God known as ‘trees’.

3. Control temperature

In another very interesting way, trees can save your money. You don’t need to buy air-conditioners and neither do you have to pay electricity charges if you have ample number of trees in your lawn. Trees reduce the green house effect by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere as discussed above. They prevent the atmosphere from trapping heat generated from the sunlight and produce a cooling effect. They make the environment around you, pleasant and subtle and fresh natural air is always better than what ACs can manage to provide you. Trees also block sunlight by shading your house, making it cooler.

2. Reduce heat loss

You don’t need to spend money in summers. You don’t have to worry for the same in winters. Don’t bother yourself looking for a suitable room heater rather, find a gardener who can plant deciduous trees in your lawn. Deciduous trees have a dual role. They shield your home from the pinching heat of the sunlight in summers and let the sunlight enter your house in winters.

1. Soothe your mind

We all go through a lot of stress and different kinds of stress, be it work stress, exam stress, relationship stress or any other. Thus, its very important for us to take it all out of our systems, stabilize ourselves, have a balance of thoughts and most importantly, be happy. People living in the vicinity of trees have been found to have lesser heart diseases. The view of trees has proved to be an effective measure to improve one’s mental health. A state of peace and calmness is attained by the individuals who get a regular view of trees. After all, your psychological health is your first priority.

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