Top 20 Best Minute to Win It Party Games
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Top 20 Best Minute to Win It Party Games

Minute To Win It, is a popular game show, that uses household items to create unusual and exciting challenges that need to be completed in the span of only one minute. This concept inspired its worldwide audience to adopt some of these games as their party staples- and for good reason. These games are creative, exciting and challenging, and moreover, are suitable for all ages. The fast pace and unique nature of the games makes it impossible for one to lose interest, and combine both individual skills and teamwork. The following games have rules that are easy to follow, and materials that are easy to obtain. Play these games to make your party the most happening one in town, without spending a bundle-



Items Needed- a pack of round Sandwich Cookies.

This game is a fantastic way to get all the guests involved, because multiple people can play it, and the rules are very simple. All the players have to do is, place the cookie on their forehead, and the goal is to get the cookie into their mouth, using only their facial muscles- in under 1 minute. Any player caught using their hands, is immediately disqualified, and loses the game. This game perfectly combines aspects of fun and challenge, and is sure to engross the party guests!


stack it up

Items Needed- Pennies (25 per player), a flat surface.

This game can be played by dividing your guests into teams of 3, and having different rounds of play; only 2-3 players can play this game at one time.This game involves stacking 25 pennies on top of each other, with just one hand in under one minute. If you fail to do so, you lose! The constraint of using just one hand adds a level of difficulty to this seemingly straightforward and simple game. Playing in teams will increase the competitive energy, and lead to a fun bonding experience!


suck it up

Items Needed- Plain M&Ms (25 per player), plastic drinking straws (1 per player), paper plates.

This game works best with 3 players competing in a round. The players must place two paper plates on a table, and load the first paper plate with 25 M&Ms. Then, the player must pick up a straw, and use suction to transfer each of the M&Ms, onto the empty second plate-under one minute of course! This game requires a degree of acuity, and trying to achieve that within a minute is a tough task indeed. This one is sure to keep your guests on their toes and having fun!


stack it up

Items Needed- Red Plastic Cups (50-100 depending on if you re-use the cups for more than one game or keep them separate)

Perhaps one of the most challenging games of all, the rules of Stack Attack are as simple, as its execution is complicated. Contestants must stack up 36 plastic cups, and then bring them back down into a single stack all within the span of one minute. It sounds like a herculean task, and for many people it almost is, because it involves using your wits to balance the cups and making sure your stack doesn’t fall, and then neatly and carefully aligning the cups into a single stack back again. Intricate and challenging, there’s never a dull moment with this game!


scoop it up

Items Needed- Plastic Spoons (1 per player), Plastic Bowls (2 per player), Ping Pong Balls

This game requires teams of 2-3 people, in each round of play. This game requires concentration, balance, precision, and a whole lot of swiftness! The player must place two bowls on a table, one with 6 Ping-Pong balls, and the other-empty. They must place a plastic spoon in their mouth, and using it, transfer the balls from one bowl to the other. The player cannot use their hands. Hands are only allowed if you drop the ping pong ball, and then they can be used to place the ball back into the original bowl for another transfer attempt.


cup thing

Items Needed- Red Plastic Party Cups, Blue Plastic Party Cups (2 cups, same size as the red cups)

This game requires 2-3 people per round of competition. The player is given a single stack of 39 red cups, with one blue cup at the top. The goal of the game, is to start by moving the top blue cup to the bottom of the stack, and continue moving cups from the top to the bottom until the blue cup is back at the bottom of the stack again. This game involves dexterity and speed, and while it seems straightforward enough, it’s very hard to achieve within just a minute. Perfect for a fun challenge!



Items Needed- 5/8″ Hex Nuts (5 per player), Bamboo Skewers (cut off the pointy tip)

Only two players can compete per round in this game, because it requires the table to be as still as possible. The goal of the game is to arrange all the Hex Nuts in a single stack, using a bamboo skewer. The player must thread the skewer through 5 Hex Nuts, and then stack them up using only one hand. All this must be achieved under one minute. This game is a fun way to pass the time, and all of your guests will want to try their hand at this one!


junk in the trunk

Items Needed- Square Tissue Boxes (2-3), Adjustable belt or long length of wide ribbon (2-3)

Ping Pong Balls (6 per person)

This fun game can be played by multiple players at once. To prepare for this game, empty a few tissue boxes, and using an X-Acto Knife (crafts knife) make two slits at the bottom of the box. Then, thread an adjustable belt or wide ribbon through the two slits to create a tissue-box-on-a-belt. Playing the game involves strapping the tissue box belt onto the players waist, and filling the box with about 6-8 Ping Pong Balls. The aim is to empty the Ping Pong balls out of the box within a minute. Players can shake, dance, jump, twist, and go completely crazy in order to get rid of the Ping Pong balls. Play some energetic dance music to add to the fun and silliness, and to make the game even more entertaining. This one is sure to pump every one up!


defying gravity

Items Needed- 9″ balloons (at least 6 + a few extra in case of accidental popping)

Since this game requires ample space for the players to move around, 2 players per round is suitable for this game. The rules of the game are simple- the players must bounce two balloons up in the air, and keep them both from touching the ground. Sounds simple enough, but there’s a twist- you can only use one hand, and have to achieve this within a minute! It’s a fun, challenging and active game that everyone will love.


mad dog

Items Needed- Ruler, 2 Full Tic-Tac Boxes.

This game requires 2 players competing against each other in a round. In order to prepare for this game, firmly glue one box of Tic Tacs to each end of the ruler, lengthwise. You must remove the piece of the lid so that the opening is unobstructed.

The player must place the ruler in his/her mouth, and shake their head in such a way that the boxes are emptied. The players cannot touch the rulers or containers with their hands, and have to stand upright with their feet firmly on the ground. To win the game, the player must empty one’s box within 60 seconds. This game possesses visual appeal, and a large fun factor, in addition to difficulty and challenge. A surefire way to engage the guests!



Items Needed- Deck of Cards (at least one), Cut Watermelon, Table

This game is suitable for 2-3 players. The cut watermelon must be placed on the table in such a way, that the pink side is perpendicular to the table. The table on which you place it should be at some distance from the player, the ideal distance should be 10 to 12 Feet. The game involves the player throwing cards at the watermelon from behind the foul line. To win the game, the player must manage to stick at least one of the cards into the watermelon, and make it stay for about 3 seconds. The novel and unique nature of this game makes it an instant crowd pleaser!



Items Needed- Cotton Balls, Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline), Bowls (2 per contestant)

This game can be played by multiple contestants. To play this game, two bowls should be placed on a table at a distance of full stretched arms from each other. One bowl should be kept empty, and the other should be filled with Cotton Balls. Contestants must dip their nose into petroleum jelly, and pick up the Cotton Balls from one bowl, and transfer it into the empty one. Under no circumstances can players use their hands. The one with the most Cotton Balls transferred at the end of one minute will be declared the winner of the game. This game requires accuracy and control, and is a fun challenge to get all the guests involved.


chocolate unicorn

Items Needed- 7 mini chocolate cakes

This game can be played by multiple contestants. The rules are simple- each contestant will be given 7 Chocolate Cakes, which they must place one after another on their foreheads, and balance it on there, for about 3 seconds. This must be achieved within 60 seconds. This game is all about precision and balance, and everyone would love to give this challenge a try!



Items Needed- 1 Cup, 1 Broom, 10 Paper Plates, 10 Large Marshmallows

This game can be played by multiple contestants, however only one can play it at a time. In order to prepare for the game, you will need to place 10 plates equidistant from each other on a table, in a way that half of the plate lies on the table, and the other half hangs in the air. A marshmallow must be centred on the portion of the plate lying on the table.You must also create a ‘foul line’ at a distance of 5-7 feet away from the table. To play the game, the player must stand on the other end of foul line, holding an upside down broom, such that the bristles are facing downwards, and the handle upwards. Within a span of 60 seconds, the player must use the handle of the broom to strike the plate and send the marshmallow catapulting in the air, and the player must catch this very marshmallow in his/her cup. This game is intricate and complex, and involves balancing a lot of tools, in a very short amount of time. The difficulty level is high, and the atmosphere will be surcharged with competitive energy. Exciting indeed! If you wish to turn this game into a team event, have another person hold the cup to catch the marshmallow in. Two heads are better than one, after all.


rapid fire

Items Needed- Rubber Bands, 6 Soda Cans, Foul Line

This game can be played by multiple players in different rounds. This game is a crowd favourite because of its nostalgic value, and because of the funny childlike glee associated with watching things fall with a clunk! This game is like bowling, but with tin cans. ‘Rapid Fire’ involves arranging 6 soda cans in a triangular formation (3 on the table then 2 on it, then one at the top), on a table. Then the player must stand behind the foul line (about 8ft away from the table); and then using rubber bands, must shoot at the cans. The goal is to clear the table of all soda cans at the end of 60 seconds. To spice up this game, you can have someone standing behind the stack of the cans, to engage in a little back and forth with the players.


pink elephant

Items Needed- Soft Spring Toy, Headband

This game is played by two people competing against each other in a round. To play this game, the contestant must first tuck five coils of the spring toy over and behind the headband, so they rest between the headband and forehead; such that prior to the start of the game, the body of the spring toy should be hanging in front of player’s face. The goal of the game is to bring the spring toy into a single stack atop the player’s forehead, and maintain that stacked position for 3 seconds- within a time frame of 1 minute of course. Since this game involves players moving their heads and bodies in odd ways, which makes for a funny sight indeed, and leads to much laughter and good energy. This unique, fun and creative game is sure to keep the guests entertained!


bite me

Items Needed- Table, 5 Paper bags (Different sizes)

This game is good for simultaneous play, and hence multiple teams can play at one time. The set up for the game involves placing the bags in a line starting from the bigger one close to the contestants and then one small size after it and so on the same way. After placing the bags height wise, place a table right after the last bag. The contestant must use his/her mouth to pick up these bags and place them on the table one by one, in under one minute. The contestant cannot touch the ground with their hands or their knees. This game is very challenging, because it requires flexibility and speed in equal amounts. It’s a fun party game because of how intense and engrossing it is to watch. A perfect 60-second game!



Items Needed- Potato, 5 Peanut M&M’s, Bendy Straws

This game can be played by multiple contestants. The object is to firmly insert 5 straws into the potato, and balance chocolate-coated peanut candy on each straw. To complete the game, 5 peanut candies must rest on the tips of the straws for about 3 seconds. The players must achieve the right level of precision and balance in under one minute, to be winners at this game. This game’s a favourite because of its visual appeal, giving the appearance of any alien space ship or a satellite from a distance!



Items Needed- Pedometer, Headband

This game is relatively easy to play, and is open to multiple contestants. To prepare, one must wear a headband with a pedometer (an instrument for estimating the distance travelled on foot by recording the number of steps taken), attached to it. Within 60 seconds, the contestants must reach 125 points on the pedometer. This is done by violently shaking their heads, which makes for an amusing sight, and makes Bubblehead an enjoyable game!


iron board man

Items Needed- Iron Board, Marbles

This game requires teams of two to compete against one another. The team players must hold each side of the board in length. Then, one of them should roll out a marble. The aim of the game is to make the marble fall into one of the three big holes on the board, in under one minute. This requires the contestants to balance the board in such a way, that the marble doesn’t fall in it. If a marble falls, it must be replaced. This game is a great bonding experience for your guests!