Why are your Hands Shaking (Hand Tremors) – 10 Tips and Remedies to Stop
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Why are your Hands Shaking (Hand Tremors) – 10 Tips and Remedies to Stop

Shaky hands can not just make you panicky or feel embarrassed in a public space, but it could also be an indicator of something worse. Tremors are according to Healthline, “unintentional and uncontrollable, rhythmic movements of a part of your body.” It is very common, however, that does not make it any less pernicious. It usually affects the head, face, voice, arms, trunk and legs. And the most likely one to occur is of the hands. Tremors are basically associated with neurological disorders. This is obvious because your involuntary actions are determined by your brain. Even drug usage, alcohol abuse or withdrawal could amount to the same. Albeit it is does not put your life in immediate danger, a visit to the doctor is widely recommended.

The type of tremors associated with your hands or fingers is the Resting kind. This means that the hand or finger moves even when the muscles linked with are relaxed. Tremors are usually not entirely reversible, but finding the exact cause and taking the required precautions can reduce it to a bare minimum. Besides following your doctors advice, these are 10 tips and remedies that could aid in mitigating your shaky hands:-

10. Quit or reduce the unnecessary

Start with this. Give it a week and feel the change, however mild. Reduce your alcohol, and caffeine intake. Or even leave them entirely to notice quicker results. Cutting caffeine will improve your sleep quantity and quality, thereby helping improve the condition. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and therefore, should be avoided. The potential effects of smoking on tremors has been tried and tested positive. It is thus of utmost importance that you start with the things that are in your hands. Ironic isn’t it! For your tremors may get out of your hand and then there’s obviously no going back. Drinking moderate quantities of alcohol may not be harmful to your body, but if your drinking heavily could have serious repercussions. You are then more likely to suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms should you choose to finally quit. Along with these withdrawal symptoms come hand tremors which could ruin you both physically and emotionally. So think more and drink less.

9. Drink away your anxiety

Tremors are seen in those who have serious anxiety issues. It is very common in those who take stress and are constant worried. These people often suffer from shaky hands due to the stress they are taking. Chamomile or green tea often act as stress busters and could be easily made a part of your routine consumption. Euclyptus oil, tree tea oil, and lavender oil all act as tension relievers when applied directly on the head. So before making an assumption about the cause of your tremors, start taking tea and work on your stress level. It is a preventive step that is easy to take.

8. Exercise control over your stress

Exercise your way to tremor-free hands. Start with the stress ball exercise which is simple and yet highly effective. All you need to do is squeeze the stress ball in your hand for five second and then relax your muscles. Continue this for ten minutes. The best part about adopting this option is that you can do it any where you like. You needn’t take out extra time to exercise or move your lazily bottom from your bed.

7. Use heavy equipment

Use objects that are heavy both at home and work. Lifting and working with heavy items could significantly reduce tremors. If not possible, you could even wear weights around your wrists. Although not exactly a cure, this will save you the embarrassment you deeply regret.

6. Get a good sleep

Your busy schedule or a problem elsewhere could be taking a toll on your body. This could be affecting your sleep cycles leaving you to wake up exhausted. And you need a cup of coffee to kick start your day. Instead try to sleep well. Meditate before you sleep so that you are relaxed. Often taking a shower right before going to sleep also helps you sleep better.

5. Look through your medication

Your tremors could also be an unwanted side effect of your medications. Re-check your medication with your doctor and make the necessary change. The pharmaceutical industry offers a cornucopia of medicines that you can pick from, so choose only that which doesn’t cause you another problem that needs medical attention.

4. Increase your mineral intake

Minerals are basically electrolytes. They are primarily responsible for the transmission of electric signals from nerves to muscles. A depletion of electrolytes causes spasms and convulsions, thereby resulting in shaky hands. Low levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium could all result in hand tremors. Good sources of minerals are legumes, whole grain, soybean flour, green vegetables, cheese, salmon, tomatoes, orange juice, chicken and other meats.

3. Consume foods rich in Vitamins

Vitamins play a rudimentary role in the proper functioning of your body. Albeit any vitamin deficiency could result in some malfunctioning, only Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin E deficiencies are associated with hand tremors. Even a mild Vitamin B-12 deficiency can result in shakiness and tremors. Vitamin B-12 is mainly found in animal foods, so a deficiency of vitamin B-12 is common in vegetarians, particularly vegans. Hand tremors could merely be an indicator of something worse since a deficiency of vitamin B-12 could result in dementia, depression and memory loss. One, therefore, must either increase the intake of food rich in Vitamin B-12 or take them in the form of supplements. Animal products such as chicken, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products are rich sources of Vitamin B-12. To get rid of your Vitamin E deficiency include foods like cereals, nuts and vegetables in your meals.

2. Check your blood sugar level

With age you become more exposed to developing hand tremors. Diabetes is the most common age related disease that could result in tremors. Tremors occur when the blood glucose level falls suddenly. But they can also occur due to high blood glucose levels, as in diabetic neuropathy. However, diabetic neuropathy usually injures nerve fibres of legs and feet. Usually eating a carbohydrate-rich food, fruit juice or candy can do away with the tremors associated with low glucose levels or hypoglycemia.

1. Get a doctor’s appointment

Most people tend to ignore tremors while seeking medical-attention should be at the top of your list. Sometimes tremors seriously affect your daily activity. And when this occurs your first step should be to visit your doctor. Essential tremors are not easily curable and require long term drug treatment. With proper medical help and medication you will actually see a huge improvement. However, ignoring it could exacerbate the condition!