21 Apr, 2024

10 Home Remedies to Cleanse your Body of Toxins

Good News! Cleansing one’s body of toxins (also known as detoxification) is the latest fad that has currently gripped the world in it’s tentacles. And it seems like that it is here to stay! So, what exactly does detoxification mean? It simply refers to the removal of harmful substances or toxins from one’s body, physiologically […]

7 mins read

Top 15 Largest Coffee Chains in the World

A place we are all familiar with. A book lover’s hive. A writer’s sweet den. A lover’s first date. A lot has happened over a cup of coffee. A place which has redefined our lifestyle-coffee house. Like the gasoline of our lives, we cannot egress a weekend without visiting a cafe. Such a place deserves […]

7 mins read

10 Simple Ways to Conserve Electricity

Electricity does not come cheap, and it is not going to become cheaper in the coming years either. The main sources of production of electricity are fossil fuels and everyday there is a depletion in the reserves. The consumption of fossil fuels also contributes to global warming and the rising crises of climate change. Until […]

9 mins read

Top 12 Deepest Lakes on Earth

The wonders of nature are ceaseless, and when it comes to lakes and water bodies, one can truly see nature at its most spectacular. The lakes given below, are renowned for their picturesque locations, tucked away in the lap of nature; for the untouched purity of their waters, and for the wide variety of aquatic […]

19 mins read

27 Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Choosing the perfect gift for someone is always a dilemma, but when it comes to picking out the most perfectly romantic one for your girlfriend, there is probably nothing harder. What is it that will be cute, sweet but such that it uniquely compliments you girlfriend and also your relationship? Sometimes, this becomes the most […]

20 mins read